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SAP Transacation Codes All

SAP Transaction Codes
TA Report Header Description
AAVN RAVRSN00 Recalculate base insurable value
ABAA SAPMA01B Unplanned depreciation
ABAD SAPMF05A Asset Retire. frm Sale w/ Customer
ABAD0 SAPMABADR Derivation: Initial Screen
ABAKN SAPLAMDP Last Retirement on Group Asset
ABAON SAPLAMDP Asset Sale Without Customer
ABAV SAPMA01B Asset Retirement by Scrapping
ABAVN SAPLAMDP Asset Retirement by Scrapping
ABAW SAPMA01B Balance sheet revaluation
ABCO SAPMA01B Adjustment Posting to Areas
ABF1 SAPMF05A Post Document
ABGF SAPMA01B Credit Memo in Year after Invoice
ABGL SAPMA01B Enter Credit Memo in Year of Invoic
ABIF SAPMA01B Investment support
ABMA SAPMA01B Manual depreciation
ABMR SAPMA01B Manual transfer of reserves
ABMW SAPLAB01 Reverse asset trans. using doc. no.
ABNA SAPMA01B Post-capitalization
ABNAN SAPLAMDP Post-Capitalization
ABNC SAPMA01B Enter post-capitalization
ABNE SAPMA01B Subsequent Revenue
ABNK SAPMA01B Subsequent Costs
ABNV SAPMSNUM Number range maint: FIAA-BELNR
ABSO SAPMA01B Miscellaneous Transactions
ABST RAABST01 Reconciliation Analysis FI-AA
ABST2 RAABST02 Reconciliation Analysis FI-AA
ABT1 SAPLAMDP_OLD Intercompany Asset Transfer
ABT1N SAPLAMDP Intercompany Asset Transfer
ABUB SAPLABUM Transfer between areas
ABUMN SAPLAMDP Transfer within Company Code
ABZE SAPMA01B Acquisition from in-house productio
ABZK SAPMF05A Acquisition from purchase w. vendor
ABZO SAPMA01B Asset acquis. autom. offset. postin
ABZON SAPLAMDP Acquis. w/Autom. Offsetting Entry
ABZP SAPMA01B Acquistion from affiliated company
ABZS SAPMA01B Enter write-up
ABZU SAPMA01B Write-up
ABZV SAPMF05A Asset Acquis. Posted w/Clearing Acc
AB01 SAPMA01B Create asset transactions
AB02 SAPLAB01 Change asset document
AB03 SAPLAB01 Display Asset Document
AB08 SAPLAB01 Reverse Line Items
ACBD ATPBD001 Display Shared Buffer: ATP Check
ACCR MENUACCR Personal Menu Volker Hofmann
ACCR01 SAPMACCR01 Create Accrual/Deferral Document
ACCR02 SAPMACCR01 Change Accrual/Deferral Document
ACCR03 SAPMACCR01 Display Accrual/Deferral Document
ACCR04 RACCRPROCESS Execute Accruals/Deferrals
ACCR05 RACCRAPPLOG Display Accruals/Deferrals Log
ACCR06 RACCRAPPLOGDEL Delete Accruals/Deferrals Log
ACCR07 RACCRREVERSAL Reverse Accruals/Deferrals
ACEC ACE_IMG Accrual Engine - IMG
ACEPP ACEPS_PERIODIC_Accrual Engine - Periodic Postings
ACNR SAPMSNUM No. Range Maintenance: Ext. Service
AC00 MENUAC00 Service Master
AC01 SAPLBAS0 Service Master
AC02 SAPLBAS0 Service Master
AC03 SAPLBAS0 Service Master
AC04 SAPLBAS0 Service Master
AC05 RXASMD10 List Processing: Service Master
AC06 RXASMD10 List Display: Service Master
AC08 RBDSESRV Send service
AC10 RMMLCLST Class Hierarchy with Services
AD08 SAPMSD08 Enter G/L Account Posting
AD20 SAPLSD30 Search help maintenance (for IMG)
AD21 SAPMSD20 Matchcode maintenance (for IMG)
AFAB RAPOST2000 Post depreciation
AFABN RAPOST2000 Post Depreciation
AFAF RAT08400 Assets with errors
AFAMA RAVCLUST View Maint. for Deprec. Key Method
AFAMD RACSTABL View Maint. Declining-Bal. Method
AFAMH RAVCLUST Maintain Maximum Amount Method
AFAMP RACSTABL View Maint. Period Control Method
AFAMR RACSTABL View Maintenance Base Method
AFAMS RAVCLUST View Maint. Multi-Level Method
AFAMSK RAVCLUST Method: Levels in Calendar Years
AFAR RAAFAR00 Recalculate Depreciation
AFBD RABUCH20 Recreate Dep. Batch Input Session
AFBN RAFABNEW Include New Depreciation Area
AFBP RAPOST2001 Create depreciation posting log
AFWA SAPMJBRA Create Maintain Analysis Structures
AFWO1 RAFWGO_SHOWEP1 Single Records Procedure: Monitorin
AFWO2 RAFWGO_SHOWEP2 Final Results Procedure: Monitoring
AFWS SAPMAFWCH_SEGMCMaintain Segment Level Characterist
AFX_WB AFX_WORKBENCH Archiving Workbench
AIAB SAPMA15B AuC Assignment of Dist. Rule
AIAO SAPMV76A C AM Maint. list vers. gen. line it
AIAZ SAPMA15B Display Dist. Rule Allocation
AIBU SAPMA12B Transfer Asset under Const.
AIIO SAPMV76A C AM Maintain List Version AuC
AISFSS RJBRSVAC Single Value Analysis: FX Exposure
AISS RJBRSVAC Single Val. Analysis - Sensitivitie
AIST SAPMA12B Reverse Settlement of AuC
AJAB RAJABS00 Year-End Closing
AJRW RAJAWE00 Fiscal Year Change
AKAB SAPMWAKA List purchasing arrangements
AKE1 SAPMV13A Create Condition
AKE10 SAPMV13A Transfer Prices: Display Overhead
AKE2 SAPMV13A Change Condition
AKE3 SAPMV13A Display Condition
AKE4 SAPMV13A Copy Condition
AKE5 SAPMV13A PCA Transfer Prices: Create Prices
AKE6 SAPMV13A PCA Transfer Prices: Change Prices
AKE7 SAPMV13A PCA Transfer Prices: Display Prices
AKE8 SAPMV13A Transfer Prices: Create Overhead
AKE9 SAPMV13A Transfer Prices: Change Overhead
AKKO SAPMWAKA Promotion pur. pr. conditions
AKVA SAPMWAKA List sales arrangements
AKVK SAPMWAKA Promotion sales price conditions
ALM_01 RJBACFART2KNZ ALM: Assign CF Type to CF Indicator
ALO1 RASHLO00 Determine ASH/DOREX Relationships
AL02 RSDB0000 Database alert monitor
AL03 RSRZOLD Operating system alert monitor
AL04 RSSTAT85 Monitor call distribution
AL05 RSSTAT27 Monitor current workload
AL08 RSUSR000 Users Logged On
AL11 RSWATCH0 Display SAP Directories
AL12 RSDBBUFF Display table buffer (Exp. session)
AL13 RSTUNSHM Display Shared Memory (Expert mode)
AL15 RSHOSTLD Customize SAPOSCOL destination
AL16 RSHOST07 Local Alert Monitor for Operat.Syst
AL17 RSRZOLD Remote Alert Monitor f.Operat. Syst
AL18 RSRZOLD Local File System Monitor
AL19 RSRZOLD Remote File System Monitor
AMRP RMCPAMRP Send Stock/Requirements List
AM04 SAPMA01A Changes to Asset Classes
AM05 RACSTABL Lock Asset Class
ANHAL RAVCLUST Maintain Cutoff Value Key
ANKA RAMUST03 Directory of asset classes
ANKL AWIZ_ANKL Generate Asset Classes
ANK0 RAVCLUST Ch.-of-Depr.-Dep. Asset Class Data
ANK1 RAVCLUST Ch.-of-Depr.-Dep. Control Specif.
ANK2 RAVCLUST Ch.-of-Depr.-Dep. Allocations
ANK3 RAVCLUST Ch.-of-Depr.-Dep. Net Worth Valuat.
ANK4 RAVCLUST Ch.-of-Depr.-Dep. Insurance Data
ANVEST RAVCLUST Maintain Investment Support Measure
AOBK RACSTABL Depreciation areas/Reduction rules
AOLA RAVC0ALA Master Data Tab
AO21 RAVCLUST Screen layout for deprec. areas
AO33 RAVCLUST Net worth tax field selection
AO42 RAVCLUST Insurance field selection
AO51 RAVCLUST Leasing field selection
AO67 RACSTABL Define Transaction Type
AO68 RACSTABL Define Transaction Type
AO73 RACSTABL Define Transaction Type
AO74 RACSTABL Define Transaction Type
AO75 RACSTABL Define Transaction Type
AO76 RACSTABL Define Transaction Type
AO77 RACSTABL Define Transaction Type
AO78 RACSTABL Define Transaction Type
AO79 RACSTABL Define Transaction Type
AO80 RACSTABL Define Transaction Type
AO81 RACSTABL Define Transaction Type
AO82 RACSTABL Define Transaction Type
AO83 RACSTABL Define Transaction Type
AO88 RAVCLUST Acct.Assignmt for Investment Suppor
AO91 RACSTABL Specify field group authorization
AO92 RACSTABL Logical field groups
ARQ0 RAQUER01 FIAA - Ad hoc reports
ARTE RWARTREPL Replace Articles in Layout Modules
ART0 RATREE00 FIAA - Info system
AR01 RABEST_ALV01 Call Asset List
AR02 RAGITT_ALV01 Call Up Asset History Sheet
AR03 RAHAFA_ALV01 Call Up Depreciation List
AR04 RAKAFA_ALV01 Call Up Depreciation + Interest Lis
AR05 RAZUGA_ALV01 Call Up Asset Acquisition List
AR06 RAABGA_ALV01 Call Up Asset Retirement List
AR07 RAUMBU_ALV01 Call Up Asset Transfer List
AR08 RABIKA_ALV01 Call Up Depreciation Compare List
AR09 RAVERM_ALV01 Call Up Property List
AR10 RAVERS_ALV01 Call Up Insurance List
AR11 RAINZU10 Investment Grants
AR11N RAINZU10N Investment Grants
AR12 RAANLA_ALV01 Call Up Asset Directory
AR13 RAKOPL02 Call Up Prim. Cost Plan. Dep./Int.
AR14 RAMAFA_ALV01 Call Up Manual Depreciation List
AR15 RAAEND01 Changes to Master Record
AR16 RAAEND02 Changes to Asset Classes
AR17 RALEAS01 Call Up Leasing Liability List
AR18 RASIMU02 Call Up Depr.Simulation
AR19 RAHERK01 Call Up List of Origins
AR20 RAUSAG_ALV01 Retirement comparison
AR21 RAUSMQ10 Mid-quarter Alert Report
AR22 RAUSAG_ALV04 Analysis of retirment revenue
AR23 RAITAR01 Italy: Asset register
AR24 RAITAR02 Italy: Assets at 3rd party
AR25 RAGAFA_ALV01 Depreciation posted
AR26 RASOPO_ALV01 Call up special reserve list
AR27 RAKOMP_ALV01 Call up: Group asset list
AR28 RAHIST02 Call up asset history
AR29 RAAUFW01 FI-AA Manual Revaluation
AR29N RAAUFW02 Re- and New Valuation of Assets
AR30 RAWORK01 Display Worklist
AR31 RAWORK10 Edit Worklist
AR32 RABEST_ALV01 Call Create Worklist
AR32N RABEST_ALV01 Call Create Worklist
AS_AFB SAPLAS_AFB Archive File Browser
ASCC SAPLASEL Assets on My Cost Center - GUI Vers
ASIM SAPLAMDP_OLD Simulation of asset posting
ASKB RAPERB00 Periodic Asset Postings
ASKBN RAPERB2000 Periodic APC Posting Run
ASMN MENUASMN Asset Master Menu
AS01 SAPLAIST Create Asset Master Record
AS02 SAPLAIST Change Asset Master Record
AS03 SAPLAIST Display Asset Master Record
AS04 SAPMA01A Asset Changes
AS05 SAPLAIST Block Asset Master Record
AS06 SAPLAIST Delete Asset Record/Mark for Delet.
AS08 SAPMSNUM Number Ranges:Asset Number
AS100 SAPMALSMEX Legacy Data Transfer using Excel
AS11 SAPLAIST Create Asset Subnumber
AS21 SAPLAIST Create Group Asset
AS22 SAPLAIST Change Group Asset
AS23 SAPLAIST Display Group Asset
AS24 SAPLAIST Create Group Asset Subnumber
AS25 SAPLAIST Block group asset
AS26 SAPLAIST Mark group asset for deletion
AS81 SAPLAIST Create Old Group Assets Data
AS82 SAPLAIST Change old group asset
AS83 SAPLAIST Display old group asset
AS84 SAPLAIST Create legacy group asset subnumber
AS91 SAPLAIST Create Old Asset
AS92 SAPLAIST Change Old Asset
AS93 SAPLAIST Display Old Asset
AS94 SAPLAIST Create Legacy Asset Subnumber
ATPS SAPLATPS ATP Check: Send Customizing
ATRA SAPMS38T ABAP Objects Runtime Analysis
AT01 SAPLAIST Create Asset Master Record (old)
AT02 SAPLAIST Change Asset Master Record (old)
AT03 SAPLAIST Display Asset Master Record (old)
AT11 SAPLAIST Create Asset Subnumber (Old)
AT21 SAPLAIST Create Group Asset (old)
AT22 SAPLAIST Change Group Asset (old)
AT23 SAPLAIST Display Group Asset (old)
AT24 SAPLAIST Create Group Asset Sub-Number (old)
AT81 SAPLAIST Create Old Group Asset (old)
AT82 SAPLAIST Change Old Group Asset (old)
AT83 SAPLAIST Display Old Group Asset (old)
AT84 SAPLAIST Display Old Group Asset Sub-No.(old
AT91 SAPLAIST Create Old Asset (old)
AT92 SAPLAIST Change Old Asset (old)
AT93 SAPLAIST Display Old Asset (old)
AT94 SAPLAIST Create Old Asset Sub-Number (old)
AUFW RAVCLUST Maintain Revaluation Measures
AUN0 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset Summary
AUN1 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset Summary
AUN10 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset Summary
AUN11 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset Summary
AUN2 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset Summary
AUN3 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset Summary
AUN4 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset Summary
AUN5 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset Summary
AUN6 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset Summary
AUN7 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset Summary
AUN8 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset Summary
AUN9 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset Summary
AUT01 AUT_CUST01 Configuration of Logging
AUT03 AUT_CUST01 Display Configuration
AUT04 AUT_CUST_DEL04 Configuration of Long Text Logs
AUT05 AUT_DEL05 Deletion of Long Texts
AUT10 AUT_REP10 Evaluation of Audit Trail
AUVA RAUNVA00 FI-AA Incomplete Assets
AWW1 SAPMAWW1 Start asset information via ALEWEB
AW01 AW01N Asset Explorer
AW01N AW01N Asset Explorer
AXPD RXPDANALYSIS Progress Tracking Evaluations
BALA MENUBALA ALE Application menu
BALE MENUBALE Area Menu for Administration
BAUP RFBVALL_0 Bank Data Transfer
BA10 SAPBAL10 Subsystem Configuration
BBPS SAPMBBPS EBP Order Status Tracking
BCA0 MENUBCA0 BP: Business Partner - Applic.Cust.
BCG7 MBARCBSP Bar chart: Call model graphic
BC15 SAPMSNUM No. Range Maint.: BP_PARTNR Partner
BDA5 RBDSEDOC Distribute documents
BDBG SAPLBDBG Create ALE Interface for BAPI
BDBP SAPLBDBH Hierarchy maintenance of BAPI param
BDBR SAPLDX_REGISTRARegister BAPI for Data Transfer
BDBS SAPLBDMP Generate coding for mapping
BDCP SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: ALE_CP
BDC5 RBDCUS70 Consistency of Customizing Data
BDD5 RBDCUS71 Application Consistency Check
BDFG SAPLBDFG ALE Interfaces from Function Module
BDLR SAPLDX_REGISTRARegistration of transfer program
BDLS RBDLSMAP Convert Logical System Names
BDLSS SAPLBDLS Converting Logical System Names
BDMC RBDMCCOP Upload info structures
BDMO RBDMONI4 ALE CCMS Group Administration
BDM2 RBDMOIN8 Monitoring: IDocs in Receiving Sys.
BDM5 RBDCUS19 Technical Consistency Check
BDM6 RBDMOINF Monitor: Check input workflow
BDM7 RBDAUD01 ALE Audit: statistical analyses
BDM8 RBDSTATE ALE Audit: Sending the confirmation
BDM9 RBDAUD02 Reorganizing the audit database
BDN1 BDSFIND_1 Business Document Service: Document
BDRC SAPLBDRC ALE: Determine Recovery Objects
BDRL RBDRCOBJ ALE: Process recovery objects
BDR1 RBDRCLOG Display application log for recover
BDR2 RBDRCCLR Reorganization of recovery data
BDTP SAPLBDDISTMODELBusiness Process- Maintain Template
BDXA RBDCUS48 Distribution of Distribution Groups
BDXD RBDCUS47 Import of ALE Requests
BDXE RBDCUS44 Generation of ALE Requests
BDXI RBDCUS51 Model Display (Specific)
BDXJ SAPLBAL2 Maintenance of Distribution Groups
BDXK RBDCUS40 Convert CONDAT Objects in Dist.Grou
BDXL RBDCUS57 Forward ALE Requests
BDXM RBDCUS58 Analysis of Log Table
BDXN RBDCUS59 Analyze Inbound Log Table
BDXQ RBDCUS64 IMG Display of Distribution Groups
BD10 RBDSEMAT Send Material
BD100 RBDIDOCCHAN IDoc display object channel view
BD101 RBDSERCHECK Consistency check
BD11 RBDFEMAT Get Material
BD12 RBDSEDEB Send customer
BD13 RBDFEDEB Get customer
BD14 RBDSECRE Send vendor
BD15 RBDFECRE Open vendor
BD16 RBDSECOS Send Cost Center
BD17 RBDFECOS Get Cost Center
BD18 RBDSEGLM Send General Ledger Account
BD19 RBDFEGLM Get General Ledger Account
BD20 RBDAPP01 IDoc passed to application
BD21 RBDMIDOC Select change pointer
BD22 RBDCPCLR Delete change pointers
BD23 RBDSRCLR Delete serialization data
BD24 RBDSECOE Send Cost Elements
BD25 RBDSECOA Send Activity Type
BD26 RBDFECOA Get Activity Type
BD27 RBDSEACT Send cost center activity prices
BD28 RBDSECOK Send obj/cost element control data
BD30 RBDSEBOM Distribute material object list
BD31 RBDSEBMD Distribute document object list
BD32 RBDSEPAM Distribute plant allocations(matBOM
BD33 RBDSESTT Distribute material variants (ALE)
BD34 RBDSEORD Distribute order BOM
BD35 RGSALEBP Send Business Process Groups
BD36 RBDSEBPS Send Business Processes
BD37 RBDSEBPT Send Business Process Price
BD40 RBDSER01 Read change pointer for group
BD41 RBDSER02 Dispatch IDocs for group
BD42 RBDSER03 Check IDocs for group
BD43 RBDSER04 Post IDocs for group
BD53 RBDIDOCR Reduction of Message Types
BD61 RBDTBDA1 Activate Change Pointers - Generall
BD62 SAPMKCDB Define Segment Conversion Rule
BD63 RBDCUS02 Transport ALE Tables of Message Typ
BD64 SAPLBDDISTMODELMaintenance of Distribution Model
BD70 RBDCUS03 Synchronize Number Ranges
BD72 RBDEVACT Activate Events
BD73 RBDMANIN Reposting of IDocs (ALE)
BD75 RBDMOIND Convert IDoc Status
BD77 RBDTRAN1 Distribution of control data
BD78 RBDTRAN2 Monitoring control data distributio
BD79 SAPMBKCD Maintain IDoc Conversion Rules
BD82 RBDCUS15 Generate Partner Profiles
BD83 RBDAGAIN Send IDocs after an ALE error
BD84 RBDAGAI2 Post IDocs after ALE error
BD85 RBDCUS23 Consistency check for transfer
BD86 RBDCUS26 Consistency check for sales
BD87 RBDMON00 Status Monitor for ALE Messages
BD89 RBDCUS31 Control data model. - initial scree
BD91 RBDSECHR Send Characteristic
BD92 RBDSECLS Send Class
BD93 RBDSECLF Send Classification
BD97 RBDSDEST Assign RFC dest. to Logical Systems
BD98 RBDCONCH Consistency Check Workflow Connectn
BERE RFOPFI00 Business Event Repository
BERP RFOPFI01 Business Processes
BERPC RFOPFI01 Business Processes
BGMN MENUBGMN Warranty Processing
BGM1 SAPLBG00 Create Master Warranty
BGM2 SAPLBG00 Change Master Warranty
BGM3 SAPLBG00 Display Master Warranty
BGM6 SAPLBG00 Warranty Entry for Technical Object
BG00 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: BGMK_NR
BIBS SAPLEXAMPLE_ENTExamples of User Interface Design
BIBU SAPMBIBU Test Transaction User Interface
BIC RFBVBIC_0 Transfer Bank Data from BIC Databas
BKDR SAPLKCD0 Maintain transfer rules
BKDS BKD_START Sender Structure Maintenance
BMBC RVBBINCO Batch Information Cockpit
BMCC RVBCUOBJ Integrity Check for Batch Classif.
BMCHCL SAPMMCHCL Batch Class Conversion
BMC1 RVBM00LT Create Class (Class Type 'BATCH')
BMC2 RVBM00LT Change Class (Class type 'BATCH')
BMC3 RVBM00LT Display Class (Class Type 'BATCH')
BMSM RVBSTMRK Update the standard features
BMVN SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: DI_JOBID
BMV0 RBMVSHOW Manage Data Transfers
BM00 MENUBM00 Batch Management
BP SAPLBUPA_DIALOGMaintain Business Partner
BPB1 BPREP001 Evaluation of Business Partner/Role
BPB2 BPREP002 Evaluation of Business Parter Data
BPB4 BPREP003 Evaluation of Partner Relationships
BPCA CHDOC_ENTRY Partner:Change Documents - Addresse
BPCD CHDOC_ENTRY Business Partner: Change Documents
BPCF RFTBPCD1 TRGP: Change Documents
BPCG RFTBPCD2 TRGP: Change Documents Addresses
BPC1 SAPMBP01 Create Business Partner
BPC2 SAPMBP01 Change Business Partner
BPC3 SAPMBP01 Display Business Partner
BPC4 SAPMBP01 Create Bus. Partner Using Reference
BPC5 SAPMBP01 Change Business Partner - Copy
BPMD RAVC0ALA Master Data Tab
BPMDFI RAVC0ALA Customer Company Code Master Data
BPMDSD RAVC0ALA Customer Company Code Master Data
BP0 SAPLBUPA_DIALOGBusiness Partner; Initial Screen
BRF BRF_SCREEN_STARBusiness Rule Framework
BSVV SAPMBSVW Parameterizable status workflow evn
BSVW RSBSVW01 Linkage Status Update-Workflow Even
BSV1 RBSVDISP Where-used list for transaction
BSV2 RBSVDISP Where-used list for system status
BSV3 RBSVDISP Where-used list for object type
BSV4 RBSVDISP Status Profile Overview
BS02 SAPMBSVA Maintain status profiles
BS03 SAPMBSVA Display status profiles
BS12 SAPMBSVB Maintain object types
BS13 SAPMBSVB Display object types
BS22 SAPMBSVB Maintain system status
BS23 SAPMBSVB Display system status
BS32 SAPMBSVB Maintain processes
BS33 SAPMBSVB Display processes
BUA1 BUSSTART Create contact person
BUA2 BUSSTART Change contact person
BUA3 BUSSTART Display contact person
BUBD BUSVIEWS BuPR: Applications
BUBH BUSVIEWS BuPR: Screen Seq. Variants
BUBJ BUSVIEWS BuPR: GUI Standard Functions
BUBL BUSVIEWS BuPR:Assgn Scr.Field->Database Fiel
BUBO BUSVIEWS BuPR: Field Grouping (Criteria)
BUBP BUPRELVW BuPR: Field Grping Using Rel. Cat.
BUBQ BUPRELVW BuPR: Field Grp. Using Role Def.Cat
BUBR BUSVIEWS BP: Field Grpg Via Activity (Cust)
BUBV BUPRELDI BP: Maintenance Without Dialog
BUBW BUBFILED BP: Generate Test File (DI)
BUBY BUSVIEWS BP: Field Grpg via Activity (Ctrl)
BUBZ BUSVIEWS BP: External Applications
BUB1 BUPRELCR BuPR: Create BP relationship
BUB2 BUPRELSU BuPR: Change BP relationship
BUB3 BUPRELSU BuPR: Display BP relationship
BUB4 BUPRELCR BuPR: Create BP role definition
BUB5 BUPRELSU BuPR: Change BP role definition
BUB6 BUPRELSU BuPR: Display BP role definition
BUB9 SAPMSNUM BuPR: No. range maintenance: BP rel
BUCF SAPMSNUM BP Cust: Number Ranges
BUCG BUSVIEWS BP Cust: BP Role Field Grouping
BUCH BUSVIEWS BP Cust: Field Grouping Activity
BUCJ BUSVIEWS BP Cust: Authorization Types
BUCN BUSVIEWS BP Cust: Field Grps f. Authorizatio
BUCO BUSVIEWS BP-Cust: Screen Configuration
BUCP BUSVIEWS BP-Cust: Fld.modif.exter.applicatio
BUCS BUSVIEWS BP-Cust: Notes on Roles
BUCU BUSVIEWS BP Cust: Where-Used List
BUCV BUSVIEWS BP Cust. Field Grouping Appl.Object
BUG1 BUSSTART Create Business Partner; General
BUG2 BUSSTART Change Business Partner; General
BUG3 BUSSTART Display Business Partner; General
BUG4 BUSSTART Bus. partner general deletion flag
BUI1 BUSSTART Create Inter. Party
BUI2 BUSSTART Change Prospect
BUI3 BUSSTART Display Prospect
BUMR MENUBUMR BP Relationships: Config. Menu
BUM1 BUSSTART Create Employee (BP)
BUM2 BUSSTART Change Employee (BP)
BUM3 BUSSTART Display Employee (BP)
BUPT MENUBUPT Business Partner Configuration Menu
BUP0 BUSSTART BDT; Multiple Call (Funct. Grp BUSS
BUP1 BUSSTART Create Business Partner
BUP2 BUSSTART Change Business Partner
BUP3 BUSSTART Display Business Partner
BUSB BUSVIEWS BDT: Assign Screen Field->DB Field
BUSC BUSVIEWS BDT: Field Grouping Criteria
BUSF BUSVIEWS BDT: Application Transactions
BUSH BUSVIEWS BDT: External applications
BUSJ BUSVIEWS BP Control: FuncMod. Activity (Ctrl
BUSO BUPVIEWS BP Cust: BP Cat. Field Grouping
BUSP BUSCRCNT Generate Screen Containers
BUS1 BUSVIEWS BDT: Applications
BUS11 BUSVIEWS BDT: Assgn BAPI Field to Field Grou
BUS23 BUSVIEWS BP Tax: Data Sets
BUS6 BUSVIEWS BDT: Screen Sequences
BUS8 BUSVIEWS BDT: GUI Standard Functions
BUS9 BUSVIEWS BDT: GUI Additional Functions
BUTI BUPTDARK Update Without Dialog
BUTJ BUPFILED Generate Test File (DI)
BV01 SAPMF69N BAV Transfer/Securities Init. Scree
BV02 SAPMF69N BAV Transfer / Loans Initial Screen
BV03 SAPMF69N_CORE BAV Trnsfr / Real Estate Init.Scree
BV11 SAPMF69N BAV Display / Securities Init.Scree
BV12 SAPMF69N BAV Display / Loans Initial Screen
BV13 SAPMF69N_CORE BAV Display/ Real Estate Init.Scree
BWCA SAPLBW05 SAPoffice: Internet Calendar
BWST SAPLPSST Gener. DataSource for BW Status Obj
BW01 RGUCBIW0_PI Generate FI-SL Extract Structure
BW03 RGUCBIW1_PI Assign DataSource/Ledger
BW07 RPHASETS BW20PI: Gen. SET Hierarchies for BW
BW09 RPHALPRH BW20PI: Product Hierarchy for SAP B
BW10 RPHALGEN BW20PI: Log. Gen. Hierarchy for BW
BYPASS RFTP_GDS_BYPASSBypass for All Reservation Systems
B1B2 RPCYERK3 Create Magnetic Media files
CAAT RVFTCAAT Foreign Trade Atrium
CAA0 SAPMC27V Process instr. usage in recipes
CAA5 SAPMC27V Mass replace proc.instr. in mst.rcp
CACS CACSMENUE Commission System: Main Menu
CACS_A RKKBRPTR Access Report Tree
CACS_B RKDBAT02 Maintain Batch Variants
CACS_C SAPMKCIC Manage Comments for Commissions
CACS_D RKDREPDV Distribute Report
CACS_G RKE_CALL_VC_TKEComn Report Characteristics Groups
CACS_H SAPMKXHI Maintain hierarchy
CACS_J RKCHINOD Maintain Hierarchy Nodes
CACS_K RKDMKCIK Maintain Key Figures
CACS_M SAPMKCB9 Test Monitor Drilldown Commissions
CACS_O RKCOBTR2 Transport Reports
CACS_P RKCOBTR4 Transport Forms
CACS_Q RKCOBTR3 Import Reports from Client 000
CACS_R RKCOBTR5 Import Forms from Client 000
CACS_S RKDSTRUC Display Structure
CACS_T RKCTRTX1 Translation Tool - Drilldown
CACS_U SAPMKCB9 Convert drilldown reports
CACS_V RKES0101 Maintain Global Variable
CACS_W SAPMKCC0 Maintain Currency Translation Type
CACS_X RKDREOBE Reorganize Drilldown Reports
CACS_Y RKDREODA Reorganize Report Data
CACS_Z RKDREOFO Reorganize Forms
CACS_0 SAPMKCEE Execute Report
CACS_1 SAPMKCEE Create Report
CACS_2 SAPMKCEE Change Report
CACS_3 SAPMKCEE Display Report
CACS_4 SAPMKES1 Create Form
CACS_5 SAPMKES1 Change Form
CACS_6 SAPMKES1 Display Form
CACS_7 SAPMKEFB Maintain Authorization Obj. Present
CACS_8 SAPMKEFB Display Authorization Obj.Presentat
CAC0 MENUCAC0 Master recipe menu
CAC2 SAPLBZFC Time Sheet: Field Selection
CAC7 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: CATS
CAC8 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: CATS_INTR
CADE RCATSDEL CATS: Delete Transaction Data
CADO CATSSHOW Time Sheet: Display Data
CANM SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: ROUTING_M
CANR SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: ROUTING_R
CAOR CATSSHOW Display Report (Structure-Related)
CAPP CATSSHOW CATS: Object-Related Approval
CAPS RCATSC01 Approve Times: Master Data
CATA RCATSTAL Transfer to Target Components
CATC RCATSCMP Time Sheet: Time Leveling
CATI MENUCATI CATS: Cross-Application Time
CATM SAPLMLCT Selection From Time Recording
CATP MENUCATP CATS: Cross-Application Time
CATR RCATSRIF Reorganize Interface Tables
CATS MENUCATS CATS: Cross-Application Time
CATSXC RCATSXT_START_CCustomizing: CATS for Service Prov.
CATW SAPLCATS_ITS Record Working Time
CAT2 SAPLCATS Time Sheet: Maintain Times
CAT3 SAPLCATS Time Sheet: Display Times
CAT4 RCATSA01 CATS: Approve Data
CAT5 RCATSTPS Data Transfer CATS -> PS
CAT6 RPTEXTPT Transfer External -> Time Managemen
CAT7 RCATSTCO CATS: Transfer Data to CO
CAT8 RCATSBEL Time Sheet: Document Display
CA00 MENUCA00 Routing Menu
CA01 SAPLCPDI Create Routing
CA02 SAPLCPDI Change Routing
CA03 SAPLCPDI Display Routing
CA10 SAPLC0VL Std. Text for Task List/Order
CA11 SAPLCPDI Create Reference Operation Set
CA12 SAPLCPDI Change Reference Operation Set
CA13 SAPLCPDI Display Reference Operation Set
CA21 SAPLCPDI Create Rate Routing
CA22 SAPLCPDI Change Rate Routing
CA23 SAPLCPDI Display Rate Routing
CA31 SAPLCPDI Create Reference Rate Routing
CA32 SAPLCPDI Change Reference Rate Routing
CA33 SAPLCPDI Display Reference Rate Routing
CA51 RCPDRK00 Print Rtg/Ref.Op.Set; Fields Fixed
CA60 RMPLAN00 Changes in Routings/Ref. Op. Sets
CA61 RCPCD002 Change Documents for Routing
CA62 RCPCD003 Documents for Ref. Op. Sets
CA63 RCPCD004 Change documents for rate routings
CA64 RCPCD005 Change documents for ref. rate rtgs
CA70 SAPMC27V PRT Where-Used Lists
CA72 SAPMC27V PRT Where-used Lists: EquipTL Types
CA73 SAPMC27V Standard Networks for PRT
CA75 SAPMC27V Mass Replace PRT
CA75N CP_PRT_MASS_CHAMass Change:Production Resource/Too
CA77 SAPMC27V Bulk Replacemt PRT: Equip.TL Type
CA78 SAPMC27V PRT Mass replacemt. in
CA80 SAPMC27V Use of Work Center in Task Lists
CA81 SAPMC27V Master recipe usage and resources
CA82 SAPMC27V Where-used Lists EQUI Work Center
CA83 SAPMC27V Standard Networks for Work Center
CA85 SAPMC27V Replace Work Center in Task Lists
CA85N CP_OPR_MASS_CHAMass replacement: work center
CA86 SAPMC27V Master recipe: replace resources
CA87 SAPMC27V Mass Replace EQUI Work Center
CA88 SAPMC27V Mass replace wrk. cntr. in lib.netw
CA90 SAPMC27V Use of Ref. Op. Set in Routings
CA95 SAPMC27V Replace Ref. Op. Set in Task Lists
CA95N CP_REF_TSK_MASSMass Change:Ref.OperationSet Ref.
CA96 SAPLCPSR Update material master
CA97 SAPLCP13 Mass scheduling using mat. master
CA97N RCPMAU03 Material Master Update - New
CA98 RCPREDE2 Deletion of task lists
CBCMOD RCCBPC_0001 Maintain SCP model
CBDE RMAFRUSY PDC records with system errors
CBHR11 BUSSTART EHS-INT: Create External Person
CBHR12 BUSSTART EHS-INT: Change External Person
CBHR13 BUSSTART EHS-INT: Display External Person
CBHR21 BUSSTART EHS-INT: Create Authority
CBHR22 BUSSTART EHS-INT: Change Authority
CBHR23 BUSSTART EHS-INT: Display Authority
CBIHM2 SAPLCBIH_MP00 EHS: Edit Measurement Projects
CBIHM3 SAPLCBIH_MP00 EHS: Display Measurement Projects
CBIH00 MENUCBIH00 Industrial Hygiene and Safety
CBIH02 SAPLCBIH_WA00 EHS: Edit Work Area
CBIH03 SAPLCBIH_WA00 EHS: Display Work Area
CBIH12 SAPLCBIH_ER00 EHS: Edit Risk Assessment
CBIH13 SAPLCBIH_ER00 EHS: Display Risk Assessment
CBIH14 SAPLCBIH_ER10 EHS: Amount Overview
CBIH42 SAPLCBIH_PT00 EHS: Edit Pattern
CBIH43 SAPLCBIH_PT00 EHS: Display Pattern
CBIH50 REHS_OBJ_STATUSEHS: Information on Permitted Statu
CBIH51 RCBIH_QUESTCATAEHS: Call Question Catalog
CBIH52 RCBIH_QUESTIONNEHS: Call General Questionnaire
CBIH72 SAPLCBIH_FA00 EHS: Change Injury/Illness Log Entr
CBIH73 SAPLCBIH_FA00 EHS: Display Inj./Illness Log Entry
CBIH82 SAPLCBIH_IA00 EHS: Change Inc./Acc. Log Entry
CBIH83 SAPLCBIH_IA00 EHS: Display Inc./Acc. Log Entry
CBIH88 SAPLCBIH_ER12 EHS: Data Transfer for Amounts
CBIH89 SAPLCBIH_IA10 EHS: Injury/Illn.Log Data Transfer
CBIH92 RMWBP00 Agent Workbench
CBMRP SAPLCBPMRP CBP requirements planning
CBP MENUCBP Constraint Based Planning Workbench
CBPV SAPBPCPV Uploading PDC messages
CBP1 RCCBP_GEN_VAR_MMRP master data download
CBP2 RCCBP_GEN_VAR_MMRP transactional data download
CBP3 RCCBP_GEN_VAR_MSOP master data download
CBP4 RCCBP_MRP_MODELStart inintialization (MRP)
CBP5 RCCBP_SOP_PLANNDisplay ext. Planning Log SOP
CBP6 RCCBP_SOP_MODELStart SOP ext. Planning Model Init
CBP7 RCCBP_SOP_MODELUpdate SOP ext. Planning
CBWAMD MENUCBWAMD Waste Management Master Data
CBWA00 MENUCBWA00 Area Menu Waste Management
CB23 SAPBPR52 Download of Master Tables for CC5
CB25 SAPBPR54 Upload Request CC5
CB32 SAPBPM31 Initial Download of Orders via CC3
CB33 SAPBPM32 Download of Master Tables via CC3
CB34 SAPBPM33 Delta Download of Orders via CC3
CB35 SAPBPM34 Upload request for CC3
CB37 SAPBPS41 Initial Download of Activities CC4
CB38 SAPBPS42 Master data download CC4
CB39 SAPBPS43 Delta download of activities CC4
CB40 SAPBPS44 Upload request for CC4
CB42 SAPBPP21 Initial Download of Orders via CC2
CB43 SAPBPP22 Transfer of master data via CC2
CB44 SAPBPP23 Delta Download of Orders via CC2
CB45 SAPBPP24 Upload request for CC2
CCAC R_CLEAR_CAC Reset Set-Get Parameter CAC
CCF1 SAPMV13B Create Message: Error Management
CCF2 SAPMV13B Change Message: Error Management
CCF3 SAPMV13B Display Message: Error Management
CCM2 SAPLCCM_CFG_CONConfiguration Control Workbench
CCR RFPM_CUST_CHECKCustomizing Check Report
CCTM TECHS_MAINTAIN Maintain Standard Variant
CCV2 SAPMV13B Change Output: Document Management
CCW1 SAPLCCWF Task-specific Workflow Customizing
CC00 MENUCC00 Engineering Change Management Menu
CC01 SAPMC29C Create Change Master
CC02 SAPMC29C Change Change Master
CC03 SAPMC29C Display Change Master
CC04 SAPLCPDMOBJECTBDisplay Product Structure
CC05 RCC00500 Change overview
CC06 RCC00800 Flip trace protocoll for user
CC07 RCC01000 Engineering Change Mgmt information
CC11 SAPLCCIN Create Material Revision Level
CC12 SAPLCCIN Change Material Revision Level
CC13 SAPLCCIN Display Material Revision Level
CC15 SAPLCCIN Change Document Revision Level
CC16 SAPLCCIN Display Document Revision Level
CC22 SAPMC29C Change Object Management Records
CC23 SAPMC29C Display Object Management Record
CC31 SAPMC29C Create Change Request
CC32 SAPMC29C Change Change Request
CC33 SAPMC29C Display Change Request
CC60 RCC00600 Browser hierarchy
CC62 RCC00602 Conversion of change packages
CC90 SAPMSNUM Number ranges for change numbers
CC92 RCCSEECM Distribute change number
CC93 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: TECHS
CEMN MENUCEMN Cost Element Accounting
CES1 SAPMGSBM Create Set (Resource Planning)
CES2 SAPMGSBM Change Set (Resource Planning)
CES3 SAPMGSBM Display Set (Resource Planning)
CES4 SAPMGSBM Delete Set (Resource Planning)
CEVF SAPMSNUM Number ranges for CAPP formulas
CEVM SAPMSNUM Number ranges for CAPP methods
CEVV SAPMSNUM Number ranges for CAPP processes
CEV1 SAPMGSGM Create value variable(res. planning
CEV2 SAPMGSGM Change value variable (res.planning
CEV3 SAPMGSGM Display value variable(res.planning
CEV4 SAPMGSGM Delete value variable (res.planning
CEWB SAPLCPRC PP: Engineering Workbench
CEWO CM_WORKBENCH CE: Structure of product folder
CE00 MENUCE00 Menu: CAPP-based calc. of std.value
CE02 SAPLCEU1 CEP: Transfer
CE11 SAPMCEVF Create standard value formula
CE12 SAPMCEVF Change standard value formula
CE13 SAPMCEVF Display standard value formula
CE16 RCCEVU08 Use of CAPP elements (single-level)
CE21 SAPMCEVM Create standard value method
CE22 SAPMCEVM Change standard value method
CE23 SAPMCEVM Display standard value method
CE31 SAPMCEVV Create standard value process
CE32 SAPMCEVV Change standard value process
CE33 SAPMCEVV Display standard value process
CE41 SAPMCEVS Simulate calculation of std. values
CFC6 RCIFLOGC Configuration of CIF Application Lo
CFC9 RCIFAPS2 Target-System-Ind. Settings in CIF
CFE01 CFX_BI_TAB_TO_CExport Documents to cFolders
CFE02 CFX_BI_BOM_EXPOExport Objects to cFolders
CFGD RDELALOG Delete Application Log Entries
CFG1 RSHOWLOG Display CIF Application Log
CFG3 CIF_APPL_LOG_SEFind in Application Log
CFI01 CFX_BI_TAB_FROMImport Documents from cFolders
CFI02 CFX_BI_BOM_IMPOImport Objects from cFolders
CFM1 RIMODGEN Create Integration Model
CFM2 RIMODACT Manually Activate Integration Model
CFM3 RIMODAC2 Activate Integration Models (Bkgd)
CFM4 RIMODOUT Display Integration Models
CFM5 RIMODSRH Integration Model Object Search
CFM6 RIMODMOD Modify Integration Model
CFM7 RIMODDEL Delete Integration Model
CFNA SAPMSNUM Maintain PRT number range: FHM_CRFH
CFO3 RCIF_TCX00V Scheduling Parameters in APO CIF
CFP1 RCPTRANS Analyze and Send Changes
CFP2 RCPQUEUE Analyze and Send Changes
CFP3 RSPPMCHG CIF: PPM Transfer of Data Changes
CFP4 RSPPMDEL Delete PPM Change Pointer
CFS0 RSTRFCQR Display Serialization Channels
CF00 MENUCF00 Prod. Resources/Tools Master Menu
CF01 SAPMCFST Create Production Resource/Tool
CF02 SAPMCFST Change Production Resource/Tool
CF03 SAPMCFST Display Production Resources/Tools
CF10 RCFCO110 PRT: Use of PRT master in prod.orde
CF11 RCFCO120 PRT: Use of material in prod. order
CF12 RCFCO130 PRT: Use of document in prod. order
CF13 RCFCO140 PRT: Use of equipment in prod. orde
CF15 RCFCO112 PRT: Use of PRT master in network
CF16 RCFCO122 PRT: Use of material in network
CF17 RCFCO132 PRT: Use of document in network
CF18 RCFCO142 PRT: Use of piece of equip. in netw
CF20 RCFCO111 PRT: Use of PRT master in orders
CF21 RCFCO121 PRT: Use of material in orders
CF22 RCFCO131 PRT: Use of document in orders
CF23 RCFCO141 PRT: Use of pc. of equip. in orders
CF25 RIAUFK20 PRT: PRT Master Usage in PM Order
CF26 RIAUFK20 PRT: Material Usage in PM Orders
CF27 RIAUFK20 PRT: Document Usage in PM Orders
CF28 RIAUFK20 PRT: Equipment Usage in PM Order
CGAB SAPLC11E EHS: Edit Phrase Set - Char. Assgmt
CGAC SAPLC11E EHS: Display Phrase Set - Char. Ass
CGBB RC161AW0 EHS: Initial generation of phr. set
CGBC RC1H0XLS EHS: Load XLS Macro Spec Info Syste
CGBD RCBUI004 EHS: Copy units of measurement
CGB7 RCBUI001 EHS: Char;Class;PropTree;ClientCopy
CGB8 RCBUI003 EHS: Batch conversion of AUSP; KSSK
CGB9 RC1XREG0 EHS: Conversion REG_EG -> REG_EU
CGCL2 RMWBP00 Dangerous Goods Workbench
CGCZ RC14KCMP Match Up Master Data
CGE2 RMWBP00 Packaging Workbench
CGQM RC1DATAQMIP Specify QM Interface
CGSADM SAPLC1SVC WWI and EH&S Expert Server Admin.
CG00 MENUCG00 Basic Data Environment
CG02 RMWBP00 Substance Workbench
CG02BD RMWBP00 Specification Workbench
CG05 SAPLC100 Distribute Specification
CG1B SAPLC119 Edit Phrase Sets
CG1C SAPLC119 Display Phrase Sets
CG12 SAPLC110 Edit Phrases
CG13 SAPLC110 Display Phrases
CG2A RC100TAC Create Generation Variant
CG2B SAPLC12A Edit Generation Variant
CG2C SAPLC12A Display Generation Variant
CG3A RC1EXPSR Check Source Export
CG3B RC1EXPPH Check Phrase Export
CG3C RC1EXPSU Check Specification Export
CG3D RC1EXPPT Check Property Tree Export
CG3E RC1EXPLY Check Report Template Export
CG3F RC1IMPSR Check Source Import
CG3G RC1IMPPH Check Phrase Import
CG3H RC1IMPSU Check Specification Import
CG3I RC1IMPPT Check Property Tree Import
CG3J RC1IMPRE Check Report Import
CG3K RC1IMPLY Check Report Template Import
CG3L RC1IMPBB Check Import Log
CG3Y RC1TCG3Y Download file
CG3Z RC1TCG3Z Upload file
CG31 SAPLC132 Import Phrases
CG32 SAPLC133 Import Sources
CG33 SAPLC134 Import Specifications
CG34 SAPLC13E Import Report Template
CG35 SAPLC13C Import Property Tree
CG36 RC1RIMPS Import Reports
CG37 SAPLC1L7 Edit Worklist
CG4B SAPLC1D0 Edit Cover Sheet Template
CG4C SAPLC1D0 Display Cover Sheet Template
CG4D SAPLC1D0 Edit Acknowl. of Receipt Template
CG4E SAPLC1D0 Display Acknowl. of Receipt Templat
CG42 SAPLC1D0 Edit Report Templates
CG43 SAPLC1D0 Display Report Templates
CG5A RC1AVST1 EHS: manual entry WL generation
CG5B RC1AVST2 EHS: manual entry WL generation
CG5Z SAPLC1D8 EHS: WWI server monitor
CG50 SAPLC1G0 Edit Report
CG54 SAPLC1G0 Report Information System
CG55 SAPLC1G0 Validate Report
CG56 SAPLC1G0 Release Report
CG57 SAPLC1G0 Assign Report Versions
CG58 SAPLC1G0 Set Report to Historical
CG59 RC1AVGST EHS: manual entry WL generation
CIB2 SAPBVKK2 Update CC2 PDC messages
CIB3 SAPBVKK3 Update CC3 PDC messages
CIB4 SAPBVKK4 Update CC4 PDC messages
CIB5 SAPBVKK5 Update CC5 PDC messages
CICS MENUCICS Customer Interaction Center
CIC0 SAPMCIC0 Customer Interaction Center
CIC3 RVKUSTA1 Sales Summary
CIC4 CCMARCHLOG Archiving Logging
CIC5 CCMARCHINSTR Archiving Infostore
CIC8 MENUCIC8 CIC Customizing Menu (Temporary - L
CIF MENUCIF APO Core Interface
CIPV CIBDVERB Posting PDC records
CIP2 CIBDVERB CC2: Update PDC messages
CIP3 CIBDVERB CC3: Update PDC messages
CIP4 CIBDVERB CC4: Update PDC messages
CIP5 CIBDVERB CC5: Update PDC messages
CI10 SAPPPKOM Cust: Select Techn. Param. for Comm
CI21 CIBDKAKO Communication parameters for KANBAN
CI23 CIBDKAGR Download master data for Kanban
CI25 SAPCDUP5 Upload Request in KK5
CI31 CIBDKOMM Communication parameters for PM
CI32 CIBDOPGR Init. transfer of operations for PM
CI33 CIBDSTTA Transfer of master data for PM
CI34 CIBDOPDE Delta transfer of operations for PM
CI35 SAPCDUP3 Generate Upload Request CC3
CI36 CIBDKOMM Communication parameters for PS
CI37 CIBDOPGR Init. transfer of operations for PS
CI38 CIBDSTTA Transfer of master data for PS
CI39 CIBDOPDE Delta transfer of operations for PS
CI40 SAPCDUP4 Generate Upload Request CC4
CI41 CIBDKOMM Communication parameters for PP
CI42 CIBDOPGR Init. transfer of operations for PP
CI42N CIBDOP_DOWN_PP PP-PDC: Download Operations
CI43 CIBDSTTA Transfer of master data for PP
CI44 CIBDOPDE Delta transfer of operations for PP
CI45 SAPCDUP2 Generate Upload Request CC2
CI45N CIBDCONF_REQUESGenerate Upload Request CC2
CI50 RCPIBA00 Transfer production requirements
CI51 RCPIBZ00 Transfer production commitments
CJA1 SAPLKAZB Proj.Rel.Order Receipts: Coll.Proc.
CJA2 SAPLKAZB Proj.Rel. Order Receipts: Ind.Proc.
CJBBS1 RCNCO085 Planning Board Report Assignment
CJBBS2 RCNCO086 Structure Overview Report Asst
CJBN RBPFCPN1 Reconstruct Availability Control
CJBV BPINDX00 Activate Project Availabilty Contro
CJBW RBPFCPD1 Deactivate Project Availabilty Cntr
CJB1 SAPLKAZB Generate Settmt Rule: Coll.Proc.
CJB2 SAPLKAZB Generate Settmt Rule: Indiv.Proc.
CJCD RCJCD002 Change documents: WBS
CJCF RKAGJOBL Carry Forward Project Commitments
CJCO RBPGJA01 Carry Forward Project Budget
CJCS RCJCD001 Standard WBS
CJC1 RKPORSSET Maintenance Dialog for Per.
CJC2 RKPORSSET Maintain Planned Status Changes
CJEA RCNCO082 Call Hierarchy Report
CJEB RKDBAT02 Background Processing; Hier.Reports
CJEC SAPMKCC0 Maintain Project Crcy Trans.Type
CJEK RCNCCP10 Copy Interfaces/Reports
CJEM SAPMKCB9 Project Reports: Test Monitor
CJEN PS_RPSCO_REBUILReconstruct: Summarized Proj.Data
CJEO RCNRCJEO Transport Reports
CJEP RKCOBTR4 Transport Forms
CJEQ RCNRCJES Import Reports from Client
CJET RKCTRTX1 Translation Tool - Drilldown
CJEV RKES0101 Maintain Global Variable
CJEX RKDREOBE Reorganize Drilldown Reports
CJEY RKDREODA Reorganize Report Data
CJEZ RKDREOFO Reorganize Forms
CJE0 SAPMKCEE Run Hierarchy Report
CJE1 SAPMKCEE Create Hierarchy Report
CJE2 SAPMKCEE Change Hierarchy Report
CJE3 SAPMKCEE Display Hierarchy Report
CJE4 SAPMKES1 Create Project Report Layout
CJE5 SAPMKES1 Change Project Report Layout
CJE6 SAPMKES1 Display Project Report Layout
CJFA RFFMRP84 Analysis of Data Trans. into PS Cas
CJFN RFFMS300 CBM Payment Converter
CJF1 SAPMKFPR Create Transfer Price Agreement
CJF2 SAPMKFPR Change Transfer Price Agreement
CJF3 SAPMKFPR Display Transfer Price Agreement
CJF4 RKFPP001 Transfer Price Agreement List
CJG1 SAPMKFPR Enter Transfer Price Allocation
CJG3 SAPMKFPR Display Transfer Price Allocation
CJG4 RKFPI001 Enter Trsfr Price Allocation: List
CJG5 SAPMKFPR Cancel Transfer Price Allocation
CJH1 PS_SUMM_INHERITReconstruct Project Inheritance
CJH2 PS_SUMM_PROTOCOProject Inheritance Log
CJIA RKPEP010 Project Actual and Commt Paymt LIs
CJIB RKPEP011 Project Plan Payment Line Items
CJIC RKPEP012 Maintain Project Settlement LIs
CJID RKPEP012 Display Project Settlement Line Itm
CJIE RKPEP012 Projects: Retirement LI Settlement
CJIF RKPEP015 Projects: Profitability Analysis LI
CJIG RKAEP000 Display PS Cash Documents
CJI1 RKPEP008 Project Budget Line Items
CJI2 RCNEP002 Budget Line Items: Document Chain
CJI3 RKPEP003 Project Actual Cost Line Items
CJI4 RKPEP004 Project Plan Cost Line Items
CJI5 RKPEP005 Project Commitment Line Items
CJI8 RKPEP008 Project Budget Line Items
CJI9 RKPEP009 Project Struct.Pld Costs Line Items
CJJ2 SAPMGPLN Change Statistical Key Figures
CJJ3 SAPMGPLN Display Statistical Key Figures
CJK2 RPNPLPLN Change Statistical Key Figures
CJK3 RPNPLPLN Display Statistical Key Figures
CJL2 KFPSDUMMY Collective Agreement
CJNO SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: FMCJ_BELN
CJN1 SAPLKAZB Reval. ACT: Projects Ind.Pro
CJN2 SAPLKAZB Reval. ACT: Projects Col.Pro
CJO8 SAPLKAZB Overhead COMM: Projects Ind.Pro
CJO9 SAPLKAZB Overhead COMM: Projects Col.Pro
CJPN SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: Proj.Item
CJPU SAPMKPU2 Execute Project Plan Adjustment
CJP1 SAPMKPU1 Create Project Plan Adjustment
CJP2 SAPMKPU1 Change Project Plan Adjustment
CJP3 SAPMKPU1 Display Project Plan Adjustment
CJP4 SAPMKPU1 Delete Project Plan Adjustment
CJR2 RPSPF100 PS: Change plan CElem/Activ. input
CJR3 RPSPF100 PS: Display plan CElem/Activ. input
CJR4 RPSPF100 PS: Change plan primary cost elemen
CJR5 RPSPF100 PS: Display plan primary cost elem.
CJR6 RPSPF100 PS: Change activity input planning
CJR7 RPSPF100 PS: Display activity input planning
CJR8 RPSPF100 PS: Change revenue type planning
CJR9 RPSPF100 PS: Display Revenue Element Plannin
CJSA RKPSEIS1 Data Transfer to SAP-EIS
CJSB RKPSEIS2 Select Key Figure and Characteristi
CJSG RKPSETG0 Generate WBS Element Group
CJSN SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: Projects
CJS2 RPSPF100 PS: Change stat. key figure plannin
CJS3 RPSPF100 PS: Display stat. key fig. planning
CJS4 RPSPF100 PS: Change stat. key figure plannin
CJS5 RPSPF100 PS: Display stat. key fig. planning
CJT2 RKPEP010 Project Actual Payment Line Items
CJVC RCNCC020 Value Category Checking Program
CJV1 SAPLCJTR Create project version (simulation)
CJV2 SAPLCJTR Change project version (simulation)
CJV3 SAPLCJTR Display project version (simulation
CJV4 SAPMCNVS Transfer project
CJV5 SAPMCNVS Delete simulation version
CJV6 SAPLCJVK Maintenance: Version administration
CJV7 SAPMCNVS Display transfer log
CJW1 RBPEWU1P EURO: Adjust Project Budget
CJZ1 SAPLKAZB Act. Int Calc.: Projects Coll. Proc
CJZ2 SAPLKAZB Actual Int.Calc.: Project Indiv.Prc
CJZ3 SAPLKAZB Plan Int.Calc.: Project Indiv.Prc.
CJZ5 SAPLKAZB Plan Int.Calc.: Project Coll.Prc.
CJZ6 SAPLKAZB Actual Int.Calc.: Indiv.CO Order Pr
CJZ7 SAPLKAZB Planned Int.Calc: Indiv.CO Ord.Proc
CJZ8 SAPLKAZB Actual Int.Calc.: Coll.CO Order Prc
CJZ9 SAPLKAZB Plan Int.Calc.: Coll.CO Order Prc.
CJ00 RCSIGSEA Find Digital Signatures
CJ01 SAPLCJWB Create Work Breakdown Structure
CJ02 SAPLCJWB Change Work Breakdown Structure
CJ03 SAPLCJWB Display Work Breakdown Structure
CJ06 SAPLCJWB Create Project Definition
CJ07 SAPLCJWB Change Project Definition
CJ08 SAPLCJWB Display Project Definition
CJ11 SAPLCJWB Create WBS Element
CJ12 SAPLCJWB Change WBS Element
CJ13 SAPLCJWB Display WBS Element
CJ14 RCN_CV02N_CALLSDisplay WBS Element (From DMS)
CJ2A SAPLCJTR Display structure planning
CJ2B SAPLCJTR Change project planning board
CJ2C SAPLCJTR Display project planning board
CJ2D SAPLCJTR Structure planning
CJ20 SAPLCJTR Structure planning
CJ20N SAPLCNPB_M Project Builder
CJ21 SAPLCJTR Change Basic Dates
CJ22 SAPLCJTR Display Basic Dates
CJ23 SAPLCJTR Change Forecast Dates
CJ24 SAPLCJTR Display Forecast Dates
CJ25 SAPLCJTR Change Actual Dates
CJ26 SAPLCJTR Display Actual Dates
CJ27 SAPLCJTR Project planning board
CJ29 SAPLCJTR Update WBS (Forecast)
CJ3A SAPMKBUB Change Budget Document
CJ3B SAPMKBUB Display Budget Document
CJ30 SAPMKBUD Change Project Original Budget
CJ31 SAPMKBUD Display Project Original Budget
CJ32 SAPMKBUD Change Project Release
CJ33 SAPMKBUD Display Project Release
CJ34 SAPMKBUA Project Budget Transfer
CJ35 SAPMKBUA Budget Return from Project
CJ36 SAPMKBUA Budget Supplement to Project
CJ37 SAPMKBUD Budget Supplement in Project
CJ38 SAPMKBUD Budget Return in Project
CJ40 SAPMKBUD Change Project Plan
CJ41 SAPMKBUD Display Project Plan
CJ42 SAPMKBUD Change Project Revenues
CJ43 SAPMKBUD Display Project Revenues
CJ44 SAPLKAZB Act. overhd: Projects; ind. process
CJ45 SAPLKAZB Act. ovhd: Projects; coll. process.
CJ46 SAPLKAZB Plnd ovrhd: Projects; ind. process.
CJ47 SAPLKAZB Pld Overhead: Projects; Coll.Procss
CJ48 PP_PSZ_RUN Change Payment Planning: Init.Scree
CJ49 PP_PSZ_RUN Display Payment Planning: Init.Scrn
CJ7E SAPLKO71 Plan Settlement: Projects
CJ7G SAPLKO71 Plan Settlement: Projects
CJ7M RKPEP004 Project Plan Cost Line Items
CJ7N RKPEP012 Maint. DRG inv.projects for retmt.
CJ70 RKPEP012 Maintain Project Settlement LIs
CJ72 RKPEP012 Project: Act. amt. line item settlm
CJ74 RKPEP003 Project Actual Cost Line Items
CJ76 RKPEP005 Project Commitment Line Items
CJ8A SAPLKO71 Act.-setlmt: Proj. retirmt. from IM
CJ8G SAPLKO71 Actual Settlement: Projects/Network
CJ8V RKPVAR00 Period Close for Project Selection
CJ80 RCNCO081 Availability Control - Overview
CJ81 RCNCO083 Update Report List
CJ88 SAPLKO71 Settle Projects and Networks
CJ9B SAPMKPT4 Copy WBS Plan to Plan (Collective)
CJ9BS SAPMKPT4 Copy WBS Plan to Plan (Indiv.)
CJ9C SAPMKPT4 Copy WBS Actual to Plan (Collective
CJ9CS SAPMKPT4 Copy WBS Actual to Plan (Indiv.)
CJ9D RCNCP001 Copy Plan Versions
CJ9E SAPLKO71 Plan Settlement: Projects
CJ9ECP RECP_PS Project System: Easy Cost Planning
CJ9F SAPMKPT4 Copy Project Costing (Collective)
CJ9FS SAPMKPT4 Copy Project Costing (Indiv.)
CJ9G SAPLKO71 Plan Settlement: Projects
CJ9K RCNNEUPD Network Costing
CJ9L SAPLKAZB Forecast Costs: Individual Projects
CJ9M SAPLKAZB Forecast Costs: Coll.Project Proc.
CJ9Q RCNCQ002 Integrated Planning for Ntwks(Coll.
CJ9QS RCNCQ001 Integrated Planning for Ntwks (Ind.
CJ91 SAPLCJSS Create Standard WBS
CJ92 SAPLCJSS Change Standard WBS
CJ93 SAPLCJSS Display Standard WBS
CKAV SAPMAVCK Check availability
CKA1 RBDSECOP Std Cost Est to Profitability Anal.
CKC1 SAPRCKCU Check Costing Variant
CKECP1 CKECP_LAUNCH Easy Cost Planning: Central Access
CKMACD DISPLAY_WIP_LARWerteflussanzeige für Leistungsarte
CKMB SAPLCKMD Display Material Ledger Document
CKMC SAPRCKMU Consistency Check for a Material
CKMCCC SAPLCKMMC Manual Change: Act. Cost Comp. Spli
CKMCCD SAPLCKMMC ManChang: Display Actual CC Split
CKMCCS SAPLCKM8 Display Actual Cost Component Split
CKMD SAPRCKMR Transactions for a Material
CKME SAPRCKM_PRCH Activation of Planned Prices
CKMF ML_ALLOW_SETTLEAllow Price Determination
CKMG ML_ALLOW_CLOSINAllow Closing Entries
CKMH SAPRCKMA_EINSTUSingle-Level Price Determination
CKMJ ML_ALLOW_SHOW_LDisplay Organizational Measures
CKML MENUCKML Actual Costing/Material Ledger
CKMLCP CKML_COCKPIT Cockpit Actual Costing
CKMLDC SAPRCKM_MR22 Debit/Credit Material
CKMLDM SAPRCKM_MR22 Debit or Credit Material
CKMLOH SAPRCKM_ORDER_HPO History/Multiple Currencies
CKMLQS CKML_QSTREE Valuated Quantity Structure(M-level
CKMM SAPRCKM2_NEU Change Price Determination
CKMPCD SAPLCKMD Display Price Change Document
CKMPRP SAPRCKM_PRMT Maintain Planned Prices
CKMR RKKBRPTR Report Selection Material Ledger
CKMREP SAPRCKM_REPAIR_Repair Program for ML Tables
CKMS SAPRCKMS Material Ledger Docs for Material
CKM3 SAPLCKM8 Material Price Analysis
CKM3N SAPLCKM8N Material Price Analysis
CKM9 SAPRCKMG Show Customizing Settings for Plant
CKNR SAPMSNUM Maintain Number Ranges: KALK
CKRU00 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRCreate ML Costing Run
CKRU01 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRML Costing Run; Create Profile
CKRU02 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRML Costing Run; Change Profile
CKRU03 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRML Costing Run; Display Profile
CKRU04 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRDisplay Selection
CKRU05 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRDisplay ML Costing Run
CKRU06 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRDelete ML Costing Run
CKRU07 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRPlants in Costing Runs
CKRU08 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRDisplay Levels
CKR1 SAPRCKR1 Reorganization in Product Costing
CKR5 SAPRCKR7 Reorganize in Background
CKU1 SAPRCK23 Update Material Price
CKVF SAPRCKVF Show Whether Marking/Release Allowe
CKWE SAPRCKVK Determine Value Added
CKW1 SAPLCKWB Create Production Lot Cost Est.
CKW3 SAPLCKWB Display Production Lot Cost Est.
CKW4 SAPLCKWB Activate Production Lot Cost Est.
CK00 MENUCK00 Product costing initial screen
CK11 SAPLCKDI Create Product Cost Estimate
CK11N SAPLCKDI Create Material Cost Estimate
CK13 SAPMC64S Display Product Cost Estimate
CK13N SAPLCKDI Display Material Cost Estimate
CK22 SAPRCK23 Organizational Measure
CK24 SAPRCK23 Price Update with Cost Estimate
CK31 SAPRCK32 Print Log of Costing Run
CK33 SAPRCK33 Comparison of Itemizations
CK40N SAPRCKCC Edit Costing Run
CK41 SAPMC64S Create Costing Run
CK42 SAPMC64S Change Costing Run
CK43 SAPMC64S Display Costing Run
CK44 SAPRCK44 Delete Costing Run
CK45 SAPRCKBA Delete Costing Run in Background
CK51 SAPLCKDI Create Order BOM Cost Estimate
CK51N SAPLCKDI Create Order BOM Cost Estimate
CK53 SAPLCKDI Display Order BOM Cost Estimate
CK53N SAPLCKDI Display Order BOM Cost Estimate
CK55 SAPRCK_MCSO Mass Costing - Sales Documents
CK60 SAPRCK60 Preselection for Material/Plant
CK61 SAPRCKBA CK Batch Processing
CK62 SAPRCK62 Find Structure: BOM Explosion
CK63 SAPRCKBA CK Batch Processing
CK64 SAPMC64S Run: Cost Estimate of Objects
CK65 SAPRCKBA CK Batch Processing
CK66 SAPRCK66 Mark Run for Release
CK68 SAPRCK68 Release Costing Run
CK74 SAPLKKP4 Create Additive Costs
CK74N SAPLCKDI Create Additive Costs
CK75 SAPLKKP4 Change Additive Costs
CK75N SAPLCKDI Change Additive Costs
CK76 SAPLKKP4 Display Additive Costs
CK76N SAPLCKDI Display Additive Costs
CK77N SAPLCKDI Create Additive Costs
CK80 RKKBKIS1 Flexible Cost Component Report
CK81 SAPMKKB2 Overview of Reports
CK82 RKKBCAL0 Select Cost Estimates
CK83 RKKBPCD1 Print Cost Estimates in Background
CK84 RKKBKIS1 Line Items in Cost Est for Product
CK85 RKKBKIS1 Line Items in Cost Est for Order
CK86 RKKBKIS1 Costed Multilevel BOM
CK87 RKKBKIS1 Costed BOM Sales Orders
CK88 RKKBCAL1 Partner Cost Component Split
CK89 RKKBKIS1 Flexible Cost Comp. Report SaleOrde
CK90 MENUCK90 Mixed Costing
CK91 SAPRCKBA1 Create Procurement Alternatives
CK91N CKMLMV_SURFACE Edit Procurement Alternatives
CK92 SAPRCKBA1 Change Procurement Alternatives
CK93 SAPRCKBA1 Display Procurement Alternatives
CK94 SAPRCKBA1 Change Mixing Ratio
CK95 SAPRCKBA1 Display Mixing Ratios
CLABAP SEM5ABAP Display ABAP class library
CLBOR SEM5BOR Display BOR library
CLB1 RCCLBI02 Batch Input for Classification
CLB2 RCCLBI03 Direct Input for Classification
CLB3 RCCLBISC Display Classification File
CLD0 RBDSECN1 Distr. Configuration Profile (Netwk
CLD1 RBDSECNP Distr. Configuration Profile (Matl)
CLD2 RBDSEKNO Distribute Global Dependencies
CLD3 RBDSEVTA Distr. Variant Tables (Structure)
CLD4 RBDSEVTM Distr. Variant Tables (Data)
CLEAR COM_CALL_CLEAR Start Data Cleansing Tool
CLGT RCLGTGEN Set Up Tables for Search
CLHI RCCLDIHI Distribution of Class Hierarchies
CLHP SAPLCLHP Graphical Hierarchy Maintenance
CLJP SAPMCLJP Specify Japanese calender
CLMM SAPLCLMMD Mass Change for Assigned Values
CLM1 SAPLIQS0 Create Claim
CLM10 RCLAIM001 Claim Overview
CLM11 RCLAIM002 Claim Hierarchy
CLM2 SAPLIQS0 Change Claim
CLM3 SAPLIQS0 Display Claim
CLNA SAPMCLNA Namespace: Characteristics/Classes
CLNK SAPMSNUM Number Ranges for Class Maintenance
CLOI MENUCLOI Production Optimization Interface
CLVL SAPMMCLK Maintain Variable Lists
CLWA RMCLCLMO Create Material Group (MMS)
CLWB RMCLCLMO Change Material Group (MMS)
CLWC RMCLCLMO Display Material Group (MMS)
CLWD RMCLCLMO Delete Material Group (MMS)
CLWE RMCLCLMO Create Characteristic Profile (MMS)
CLWF RMCLCLMO Change Characteristic Profile (MMS)
CLWG RMCLCLMO Display Characteristic Profile (MMS
CLWH RMCLCLMO Delete Characteristic Profile (MMS)
CLWJ RMCLCLMO Change Generic Article (MMS)
CLWK RMCLCLMO Display Generic article (MMS)
CLWL RMCLCLMO Delete Generic Article (MMS)
CLWM RMCLCLMO Create MMS Material Group Hierarchy
CLWN RMCLCLMO Change MMS Material Group Hierarchy
CLWO RMCLCLMO Display MMS Material Group Hierarch
CLWP RMCLCLMO Delete MMS Material Group Hierarchy
CLW1 SAPMMCLF Allocate Material Group Hierarchy
CLW2 SAPMMCLF Display Material Group Hierarchy
CL00 MENUCL00 Classification Menu
CL01 RMCLCLMO Create Class
CL03 RMCLCLMO Display Class
CL04 RMCLCLMO Delete Class
CL2A RCCLSTA1 Classification Status
CL2B RCCLTYP0 Class Types
CL20 SAPMMCLF Assign Object to Classes
CL20N SAPLCLFM Object Assignments
CL21 SAPMMCLF Display Object in Classes
CL22 SAPMMCLF Allocate Class to Classes
CL22N SAPLCLFM Assign Class to Superior Classes
CL23 SAPMMCLF Display Class for Classes
CL24 SAPMMCLF Assign Objects to One Class
CL24N SAPLCLFM Class Assignments
CL25 SAPMMCLF Display Objects in Class
CL26 RCCLRELE Mass Release of Assignments
CL30 SAPMMCLS Find Objects in Classes
CL30N RCCLSC Find Objects in Classes
CL31 SAPLCLSD Find Object In Class Type
CL6C RMCLHIEV Class Hierarchy
CL6D RMCLKLOV Classes Without Superior Class
CL6F RMCLDINU Copy DIN Characteristic Data
CL6G RMCLDINU Create Material w. DIN Char. Data
CL6H RCCLKUSV Classes: Reassign/Split/Merge
CL6K RMCLMDEL Delete Characteristic (Class w. Obj
CL6M RMCLKDEL Delete Class (with Assignments)
CL6O SAPMMCLU Plus-Minus Object Display
CL6P RMCLKLVW Where-Used List for Classes
CL6Q RMCLLIST Where-Used List for Classes
CL6R RCCLDI01 Direct Input for Classes
CL6T RMCLTEXT Copy Text for Classes
CMAP0 SAPMCMAPMAINT Configurable Semantic Mapping
CMCH RCCYOVRC Check overall profile
CMD1 SAPMV13B Create Output: Direct Procurement
CMD2 SAPMV13B Change output: Direct procurement
CMD3 SAPMV13B Display Output: Direct Procurement
CMIG RCMIG_BOM iPPE Migration Tool
CMOD SAPMSMOD Enhancements
CMPC2 SAPMV12A CondTab: Create (Campaign Determ.)
CMPC3 SAPMV12A CondTab: Change (Campaign Determ.)
CMPC4 SAPMV12A CondTab: Display (Campaign Determ.)
CMPP MENUCMPP Workforce Planning
CMPRO SAPMWCM03 Category Management:Project Mainten
CMP2 SAPLMP01 Workforce Planning: Project View
CMP3 SAPLMP01 Workforce Planning: Work Center Vie
CMP9 SAPLMP01 Workforce Planning - Reporting
CMS1 SAPMGSBM Create set (PPC)
CMV1 SAPMGSGM Create variable
CMV2 SAPMGSGM Change variable
CMV3 SAPMGSGM Display variable
CMV4 SAPMGSGM Delete value variable
CMWO CM_WORKBENCH Configuration Management Workbench
CMXSV RCMXXSRSELECT Standard XStep Repository
CM0X SAPMC65A Capacity planning
CM02 SAPMC65A Capac. planning; work center orders
CM03 SAPMC65A Capac. planning; work center pool
CM04 SAPMC65A Capac. planning; work center backlo
CM05 SAPMC65A Capacity plan.:Work center overload
CM07 SAPMC65A Cap. planning: Variable access
CM10 SAPMC65B Capacity leveling
CM11 SAPMC65C Maintain flow control
CM40 RCCYMAB1 Capacity leveling in the background
CM41 RCCYMAB3 Evaluation of leveling in backgroun
CM99 RCCYLOAD Generate basic capacity load
CNB1 RM06BKPS Purchase requisitions for project
CNB2 RM06EKPS Purchase orders for project
CNC4 RCNCC300 Consistency checks for WBS
CNC5 RCNCC200 Consistency checks sales order/proj
CNE1 SAPLKAZB Project Progress (Individual Proc.)
CNE2 SAPLKAZB Project Progress (Collective Proc.)
CNE5 RCNST000 Progress Analysis
CNG9 OCNETOPT Graph. Cust. Netw./Hierarchy Graph.
CNL1 SAPLCNSH Create delivery information
CNL2 SAPLCNSH Change delivery information
CNL3 SAPLCNSH Display delivery information
CNMASS RCNMASSCHANGE Mass Changes in Project System
CNMM SAPLCNMM Project-Oriented Procurement
CNMT RCNMT000 Milestone Trend Analysis
CNN0 SAPMSNUM Number Range for Library Network
CNN1 SAPMSNUM Number range maint.: ROUTING_0
CNPAR RPARSHOW Partner Overview
CNPRG CNETWPROG Network Progress
CNSE5 RCNST000 Progress Analysis
CNS0 SAPLCNSH Create deleivry from project
CNS40 RCNST000 Project Overview
CNS41 RCNST000 Structure Overview
CNS42 RCNPD000 Overview: Project Definitions
CNS43 RCNPE000 Overview: WBS Elements
CNS44 RCNPA000 Overview: Planned Orders
CNS45 RCNAF000 Overview: Orders
CNS46 RCNNP000 Overview: Networks
CNS47 RCNVG000 Overview: Activities/Elements
CNS48 RCNRM000 Overview: Confirmations
CNS49 RCNAB000 Overview: Relationships
CNS50 RCNKB000 Overview: Capacity Requirements
CNS51 RCNFH000 Overview: PRTs
CNS52 RCNMR000 Overview: Components
CNS53 RCNMS000 Overview: Milestones
CNS54 RCNVB000 Overview: Sales Document
CNS55 RCNVP000 Overview: Sales and Dist. Doc. Item
CNS60 RCNCHANGEDOC Change Documents for Projects/Netw.
CNS71 RCNST000 Create versions
CNVL SAPM0CNL Variable Overviews
CNW1 SAPMCNW1 WWW: Confirmation
CNW4 SAPLCNSE_APPS Project Documents
CN01 SAPLCPDI Create Standard Network
CN02 SAPLCPDI Change Standard Network
CN03 SAPLCPDI Display Standard Network
CN04 SAPLCNTX Edit PS Text Catalog
CN05 SAPLCNTX Display PS Text Catalog
CN06 SAPMCNMP MPX Download: Standard Network
CN07 SAPMCNMP MPX Upload: Standard Network
CN08 SAPMCNSM Allocate material -> stand. network
CN09 SAPMCNSM Allocate material -> stand. network
CN11 SAPMCNSM Create standard milestone
CN12 SAPMCNSM Change standard milestone
CN13 SAPMCNSM Display standard milestone
CN19 RCN_CV02N_CALLSDisplay Activity (From DMS)
CN2X SAPLCORU Confirm Completions in Network
CN20 SAPLCOKO Dsply network/act.bsc data init.scr
CN21 SAPLCOKO Create Network
CN22 SAPLCOKO Change Network
CN23 SAPLCOKO Display Network
CN24 SAPLCOKO Overall Network Scheduling
CN25 SAPLCORU Confirm Completions in Network
CN26 SAPLCOKO Display Mat.Comp/Init: Ntwk;Acty;It
CN26N RCN_CV02N_CALLSDisplay Mat. Components (From DMS)
CN27 SAPLCORU Collective confirm.
CN28 SAPLCORU Display Network Confirmations
CN29 SAPLCORU Cancel Network Confirmation
CN30 RMAFRU01 Processing PDC error records
CN33 SAPLCN10 PDM-PS interface
CN38 SAPLCN10 Maintain Flexible Reference Point
CN40 RCNST000 Project Overview
CN41 RCNST000 Structure Overview
CN42 RCNPD000 Overview: Project Definitions
CN42N RPSISPD000 Overview: Project Definitions
CN43 RCNPE000 Overview: WBS Elements
CN43N RPSISPE000 Overview: WBS Elements
CN44 RCNPA000 Overview: Planned Orders
CN44N RPSISPA000 Overview: Planned Orders
CN45 RCNAF000 Overview: Orders
CN45N RPSISAF000 Overview: Orders
CN46 RCNNP000 Overview: Networks
CN46N RPSISNP000 Overview: Networks
CN47 RCNVG000 Overview: Activities/Elements
CN47N RPSISVG000 Overview: Activities/Elements
CN48 RCNRM000 Overview: Confirmations
CN48N RPSISRM000 Overview: Confirmations
CN49 RCNAB000 Overview: Relationships
CN49N RPSISAB000 Overview: Relationships
CN50 RCNKB000 Overview: Capacity Requirements
CN50N RPSISKB000 Overview: Capacity Requirements
CN51 RCNFH000 Overview: PRTs
CN51N RPSISFH000 Overview: PRTs
CN52 RCNMR000 Overview: Components
CN52N RPSISMR000 Overview: Components
CN53 RCNMS000 Overview: Milestones
CN53N RPSISMS000 Overview: Milestones
CN54N RPSISVB000 Overview: Sales Document
CN55N RPSISVP000 Overview: Sales and Dist. Doc. Item
CN60 RCNCHANGEDOC Change Documents for Projects/Netw.
CN61 SAPLCPBL Standard network
CN65 SAPMCODC Change documents order /network
CN70 RCNAUTO0 Overview: Batch variants
CN71 RCNST000 Create versions
CN72 RCNSAVVS Create Project Version
CN80 SAPMCAPS Archiving project structures
CN85 PSDELET1 PS: Delete operative structures
CN98 RPSREDE2 Delete Standard Networks
COAA PPPIBTAA Simulate Order Record
COAC SAPLCOAC Process Order: Archive Database
COAL PPPIARLI Read Order Record from Archive
COA3 PPARCHR1 PP: Archiving orders - retrieval
COA4 PPARCHR1 PP: Archiving order - administratio
COA7 PRARCHR1 Process Order: Retrieval - Archive
COB1 SAPMV13H Create batch search strategy - prod
COB2 SAPMV13H Change batch search strategy - prod
COB3 SAPMV13H Display batch search strategy- prod
COCB MENUCOCB Process Management
COCM CO_OCM_OBJECT_LOCM - Initiating object
CODC SAPMCODC Change Documents for Network
COFC CORUCOFC Reprocessing Errors Actual Costs
COFI SAPLS2EM Command file creation
COGI CORUAFFW Processing goods movemnts w. errors
COIB SAPLCOIB As-Built for Serialized Material
COID SAPLCOIS Select Object Detail Lists in PP-PI
COIF PPPIFHWTXT Production Memos
COIK PPPIM000 Picking list
COIO PPPIA000 Order Info System for PP-PI
COMLI WIP_CLOSE_ACTIVPost WIP Closing for Activities
COMP SAPL0C27 Customizing Missing Parts Info Syst
CONC SAPMSNUM No.Range for CtrlRecipes: COCB_CRID
CONM SAPMSNUM No.Range for Proc.Messages:COCB_MSI
CONV01 CONV_DISPLAY_APConverter: Display application log
CONV02 CONV_CONVERT_DOConvert document
CONV03 CONV_CONVERT_BOConvert a BOM assembly
CONV04 CONV_CONVERT_DOConvert Document Structure
CONV20 CONV_FREE_CONVEReset Converter(s) Status(es)
CON1 SAPLKAZB Actual Reval.: Prod.Ordr Ind.Pro
CON2 SAPLKAZB Actual Reval.: Prod.Ordr Col.Pro
COOIS PPIO_ENTRY Production Order Information System
COPA PPPIBTAR Archive Order Record
COPAWA SAPLCOWBHU Pack components for order
COPD PPPIBTDR Print Process Order
COPI SAPLCODR Print Process Order ShopFloor Paper
COPOC RCOPOC_START Process Manufacturing Cockpit
CORA SAPLCOKO Process Order: Schedule Ext. Relshp
CORK SAPLCORU Process Order Confirmations (Total)
CORO SAPLCOKO Create Process Order w/o Material
CORP ROOP0013 Control Parameters for Proc. Orders
CORR CORUPICONF1 Collective Entry of Confirmations
CORS SAPLCORU Cancel Process Order Confirmation
CORT SAPLCORU Display Process Order Confirmation
CORZ SAPLCORU Process Order: Time Event Confirmat
COR1 SAPLCOKO Create Process Order
COR2 SAPLCOKO Change Process Order
COR3 SAPLCOKO Display Process Order
COR5 SAPLCOKO Collective Process Order Release
COR6 SAPLCORU Single Process Order Confirmation
COR6N SAPLCORU_S Single Screen Entry of Confirmation
COR7 SAPLCOKO Convert Planned Order to Proc. Orde
COR8 SAPLCOUP Coll.Conv.: Plnned Ord. to Proc.Ord
COWF1 SAPLCOWF Task Customizing (Production Order)
COW1 SAPLCOW1 Production Order Workplace
COX1 SAPLCOKO Create Order (Internally)
CO0DS DEL_SIM_ORD Delete Simulation Order
CO01 SAPLCOKO1 Create production order
CO01S SAPLCOKO1 Adding simulation order
CO02 SAPLCOKO1 Change Production Order
CO02S SAPLCOKO1 Change simulation order
CO03 SAPLCOKO1 Display Production Order
CO03S SAPLCOKO1 Display simulation order
CO04 SAPLCODR Print Production Orders
CO05 SAPLCOKO1 Collective Release of Prod. Orders
CO06 SAPLATP4 Backorder Processing
CO07 SAPLCOKO1 Create order without a material
CO08 SAPLCOKO1 Production order with sales order
CO09 SAPLATP4 Availability Overview
CO1F SAPLCORU Create confirmation of prod. order
CO1L CORUPRELIST Confirmation: List of requests
CO1P CORUPROZ Predefined confirmation processes
CO1V CORUPRECONF1 Confirmation: Fast entry of time tk
CO10 SAPLCOKO1 Production order with project
CO11 SAPLCORU Enter Time Ticket
CO11N SAPLCORU_S Single Screen Entry of Confirmation
CO12 CORUCOLCONF1 Collective Entry of Confirmations
CO13 SAPLCORU Cancel confirmation of prod. order
CO14 SAPLCORU Display confirmation of prod. order
CO15 SAPLCORU Enter Production order Confirmation
CO16 RMAFRU01 Conf.: Postprocessing error records
CO16N RMAFRU03 Reprocessing Confirmation
CO17 SAPLCORU Enter confirmation with reference
CO19 SAPLCORU Enter Time Event
CO20 PPCOFA00 Orders acc. to Order Numbers
CO21 PPCOFA10 Orders for Material
CO22 PPCOFA20 Orders for the MRP controller
CO23 PPCOFA30 Orders for the production scheduler
CO24 PPCMP000 MissingPartsInfoSyst
CO26 PPIOA000 Order information system
CO27 PPIOM000 Picking list
CO28 SAPLCOIS Choose indiv. object lists
CO30 MENUCO30 Standard trigger points
CO31 SAPMCNSM Create standard trigger point
CO32 SAPMCNSM Change standard trigger point
CO33 SAPMCNSM Display standard trigger point
CO40 SAPLCOKO1 Converting Planned Order
CO41 SAPLCOUP Coll. Conversion of Planned Orders
CO42 SAPLKAZB Act. Overhead: Prod.Ordr Ind.Pro
CO43 SAPLKAZB Act. Overhead: Prod.Ordr Col.Pro
CO44 PPSFCACT Mass processing of orders
CO46 PP_ORDER_PROGREOrder progress report
CO47 SAPLCOOCD Change comparison
CO51 RCOCB003 Send Process Messages
CO52 SAPLCOCR Evaluate Process Data
CO53 SAPLCO52 Control Recipe Monitor
CO54 SAPLCO51 Message Monitor
CO55 RCOPOC_CO55 Worklist for Maintaining PI Sheets
CO56 SAPLCOP0 Display PI Sheet
CO57 SAPLCOC5I Create Message Manually
CO58 SAPLCOP0 Maintain PI Sheet
CO59 SAPLCOP0 Delete PI Sheet
CO62 RCOCB009 Delete Process Messages
CO63 RCOCB010 Evaluate Deletion Logs
CO64 RCOPOC_CO64 Worklist for Completing PI Sheets
CO67 RCOPOC_CO65 Worklist for Checking PI Sheets
CO68 RMAPIS_MON_WL MiniApp PI Sheet Mon -> List
CO69 RCOCB014 Create Message Automatically
CO78 SAPLCOA0 Archiving orders
CO8A SAPLKO71 Presett. Co-Products; Postprocessin
CO8B SAPLKO71 Presett. Co-Products; Postprocessin
CO80 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: AUF_RUECK
CO81 SAPMSNUM Number assignment: routing to order
CO82 SAPMSNUM Number ranges for orders
CO83 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: RESB
CO88 SAPLKO71 Act. Settlment: Prod./Process Order
CO99 SAPLKO99 Set Status "Closed"
CPAE SAPLKWTP Actl. Template Alloc: Prof. Analysi
CPAS SAPLKWTP Actual Template Alloc.: Bus. Proces
CPBA SAPMKKB2 Run Selected Reports
CPBB SAPMKKB2 Select Reports
CPBL SAPMKB01 Bus. Processes: Planning Overview
CPBP RKAEP000 Business Processes: Plan Line Items
CPBT RKATARIF Bus. Process.: Activity Price Repor
CPB1 RKAEP000 Business Processes: Act. Line Items
CPB9 SAPMKB02 Planning Report for Bus. Processes
CPCA SAPMKAL1 Delete Indirect Activity Alloc. Pla
CPCAN SAPLKAL1 Delete Indirect Activity Alloc. Pla
CPCB SAPMKGA2 Execute Plan Indirect Acty Alloc.
CPCC SAPMKGA1 Indirect Acty Alloc. Plan: Overview
CPCCN SAPLKAL1 Indirect Acty Alloc. Plan: Overview
CPC1 SAPMKAL1 Create Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
CPC1N SAPLKAL1 Create Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
CPC2 SAPMKAL1 Change Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
CPC2N SAPLKAL1 Change Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
CPC3 SAPMKAL1 Display Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
CPC3N SAPLKAL1 Display Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
CPC4 SAPMKAL1 Delete Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
CPC4N SAPLKAL1 Delete Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
CPC5 SAPMKGA2 Execute Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
CPC6 SAPMKGA1 Overview actual ind. activity alloc
CPC6N SAPLKAL1 Act. Indirect Acty Alloc.: Overview
CPC7 SAPMKAL1 Create Indirect Activity Alloc. Pla
CPC7N SAPLKAL1 Create Indirect Activity Alloc. Pla
CPC8 SAPMKAL1 Change Indirect Activity Alloc. Pla
CPC8N SAPLKAL1 Change Indirect Activity Alloc. Pla
CPC9 SAPMKAL1 Display Indirect Acty Alloc. Plan
CPC9N SAPLKAL1 Display Indirect Acty Alloc. Plan
CPFX SAPLKSF2 Pre-distribute Fixed Costs: Process
CPH1 SAPLKKHI Create Business Process Group
CPH2 SAPLKKHI Change Business Process Group
CPH3 SAPLKKHI Display Business Process Group
CPH4 RKSTDHIE Change Standard Hierarchy (BusProc)
CPH4N KEO_START_NF Change Standard Hierarchy
CPH5 RKSTDHIE Display bus. process std. hierarchy
CPH5N KEO_START_NF Display Std Hierarchy/Business Proc
CPII SAPLKSPI Price calc. in actl: process
CPK1 MP120900 Create Task Cost Data
CPK2 MP120900 Change Task Cost Data
CPK3 MP120900 Display Task Cost Data
CPMA SAPLKNMA Target=Actual-IAA: process
CPMB SAPLKNMA ABC: Plan Reconciliation
CPMN MENUCPMN Activity-Based Costing Menu
CPPA SAPMKAL1 Delete Plan Assessment for Processe
CPPAN SAPLKAL1 Delete Plan Assessment for Processe
CPPB SAPMKGA2 Execute Plan Assess. for Processes
CPPC SAPMKGA1 Plan Assess. for Processes: Overvie
CPPCN SAPLKAL1 Plan Assess. for Processes: Overvie
CPPE SAPLKWTP Plan Templ. Alloc.: Results Analysi
CPPI SAPLKSPI Iter. plan act. price calc. (CO-ABC
CPPS SAPLKWTP Plan Template Allocation: Process
CPP1 SAPMKAL1 Create Actual Assess. for Processes
CPP1N SAPLKAL1 Create Actual Assess. for Processes
CPP2 SAPMKAL1 Change Actual Assess. for Processes
CPP2N SAPLKAL1 Change Actual Assess. for Processes
CPP3 SAPMKAL1 Display Actual Assess.for Processes
CPP3N SAPLKAL1 Display Actual Assess.for Processes
CPP4 SAPMKAL1 Delete Actual Assess. for Processes
CPP4N SAPLKAL1 Delete Actual Assess. for Processes
CPP5 SAPMKGA2 Execute Actual Assess.for Processes
CPP6 SAPMKGA1 Actual Assess. Processes: Overview
CPP6N SAPLKAL1 Actual Assess. Processes: Overview
CPP7 SAPMKAL1 Create Plan Assess. for Processes
CPP7N SAPLKAL1 Create Plan Assess. for Processes
CPP8 SAPMKAL1 Change Plan Assess. for Processes
CPP8N SAPLKAL1 Change Plan Assess. for Processes
CPP9 SAPMKAL1 Display Plan Assess. for Processes
CPP9N SAPLKAL1 Display Plan Assess. for Processes
CPSP SAPMKACT Split Plan Costs
CPS1 SAPLKSS0 Variance Calculation: Processes
CPS2 SAPLKSS0 Actual Cost Splitting: Processes
CPTA SAPLKWTP Actual Template Allocation: Order
CPTB SAPLKWTP Actual Template Allocation: Orders
CPTD SAPLKWTP Actual Template Alloc.: Prod. Order
CPTE SAPLKWTP Actual Template Alloc.: Run Sched.
CPTG SAPLKWTP Actual Templ. Allocation: Cost Obj.
CPTH SAPLKWTP Actual Templ. Allocation: Cost Obj.
CPTJ SAPLKWTP Actl Template Alloc.: Cust. Orders
CPTK SAPLKWTP Actual Template Allocation: Project
CPTL SAPLKWTP Actual Template Allocation: Project
CPT1 SAPLKWTMA Create Template
CPT2 SAPLKWTMA Change Template
CPT3 SAPLKWTMA Display Template
CPT4 SAPLKWTMA Delete Template
CPT6 SAPLKCTV Formula Plan for Bus. Processes
CPUA SAPLKWTP Plan Template Allocation: Order
CPUB SAPLKWTP Plan Template Allocation: Orders
CPUK SAPLKWTP Plan Template Allocation: Project
CPUL SAPLKWTP Plan Template Allocation: Projects
CPVA SAPMKAL1 Delete Plan Process Distribution
CPVAN SAPLKAL1 Delete Plan Process Distribution
CPVB SAPMKGA2 Execute Plan Process Distribution
CPVC SAPMKGA1 Plan Process Distribution Overview
CPVCN SAPLKAL1 Plan Process Distribution Overview
CPV1 SAPMKAL1 Create Actual Process Distribution
CPV1N SAPLKAL1 Create Actual Process Distribution
CPV2 SAPMKAL1 Change Actual Distribution Process
CPV2N SAPLKAL1 Change Actual Distribution Process
CPV3 SAPMKAL1 Display Actual Process Distribution
CPV3N SAPLKAL1 Display Actual Process Distribution
CPV4 SAPMKAL1 Delete Actual Process Distribution
CPV4N SAPLKAL1 Delete Actual Process Distribution
CPV5 SAPMKGA2 Execute Actual Process Distribution
CPV6 SAPMKGA1 Actual Process Distribution Overvie
CPV6N SAPLKAL1 Actual Process Distribution Overvie
CPV7 SAPMKAL1 Create Plan Process Distribution
CPV7N SAPLKAL1 Create Plan Process Distribution
CPV8 SAPMKAL1 Change Plan Process Distribution
CPV8N SAPLKAL1 Change Plan Process Distribution
CPV9 SAPMKAL1 Display Plan Process Distribution
CPV9N SAPLKAL1 Display Plan Process Distribution
CPZI SAPLKAZB Actual overhead calc.: process
CPZP SAPLKAZB Plan Overhead: Business Processes
CP01 SAPLKWM3 Create Business Process
CP02 SAPLKWM3 Change Business Process
CP03 SAPLKWM3 Display Business Process
CP04 SAPLKWM3 Delete Business Process
CP05 SAPMKMAA Process: Display Changes
CP06 RKABCPLN CO-ABC Planning: Activity Inputs
CP07 RKABCPLN CO-ABC Planning: Display Act. Input
CP12 SAPLKWM3 Edit Business Processes
CP13 SAPLKWM3 Business Processes: Master Data Rep
CP14 SAPLKWM3 Delete Business Processes
CP20 SAPLKWSB Business Alloc Structure Display
CP26 RKABCPLN CO-ABC Planning: Quantities & Price
CP27 RKABCPLN CO-ABC Planning: Display Qty/Price
CP30 SAPLKWM3 Business Process: Change Management
CP46 RKABCPLN CO-ABC Planning: Stat. Key Figures
CP47 RKABCPLN CO-ABC Planning: Display Stat. KF
CP65 SAPMKES1 Create ABC Planning Layout (ActInpt
CP66 SAPMKES1 Change ABC Planning Layout (AcInput
CP67 SAPMKES1 Display ABC Planning Layout (AcInpt
CP75 SAPMKES1 Planning Layout: Create Qtys/Prices
CP76 SAPMKES1 Planning Layout: Change Qtys/Prices
CP77 SAPMKES1 Planning Layout: Display Qtys/Price
CP85 SAPMKES1 Create ABC Planning Layout (St.KF)
CP86 SAPMKES1 Change ABC Planning Layout (St.KF)
CP87 SAPMKES1 Display ABC Planning Layout (St.KF)
CP97 SAPMKPT4 Copy Planning for Business Processe
CP98 SAPMKPT4 Copy Planning for Business Processe
CRAA SAPLCRA0 Display Work Center
CRAH SAPLCRA0 Create Work Center
CRAV SAPLCRA0 Change Work Center
CRF1 RFFCRD00 Credit Cards: Read Original Data
CRF2 RFFCRD05 Credit Cards: Delete Standard File
CRF3 RFFCRD10 Credit Cards: Edit Standard File
CRF4 RFFCRD20 Credit Cards: Edit Log
CRK1 SAPLFCR2 Create Card Document
CRK2 SAPLFCR2 Change Card Document
CRK3 SAPLFCR2 Display Card Document
CRNA SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: CR_ARBPL
CRNH SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: CR_HIERAR
CRNK SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: CR_KAPA
CRR1 RFCRDL00 Evaluate Card Master Records
CRR2 RFCRDL10 Evaluate Card Documents
CRR3 RFCRDL20 Evaluate Log File
CRS1 SAPLFCRA Create Credit Card Master Record
CRS2 SAPLFCRA Change Credit Card Master Record
CRS3 SAPLFCRA Display Credit Card Master Record
CRTD RFFCRDEX Payment Card: Create Example File
CRWBD SAPLCRWBD0 Replication Workbench
CR00 MENUCR00 Resource Planning Menu
CR04 SAPMCR05 Test Work Center Formulas
CR05 RCRA0010 Work Center List
CR06 RCRA0020 Work Center Assignment to Cost Ctr
CR07 RCRA0030 Work Center Capacities
CR08 RCRA0040 Work Center Hierarchy
CR09 SAPLC0VL Task list reference text
CR10 RCRA0050 Work center change documents
CR11 SAPMC68K Add Capacity
CR12 SAPMC68K Change capacity
CR13 SAPMC68K Display Capacity
CR15 RCRA0031 Capacity where-used
CR21 SAPMC68H Create Hierarchy
CR22 SAPMC68H Change Hierarchy
CR23 SAPMC68H Display Hierarchy
CR24 SAPLCR06 Create Resource Network
CR25 SAPLCR06 Change Resource Network
CR26 SAPLCR06 Display Resource Network
CR31 SAPLCR06 Create Hierarchy
CR32 SAPLCR06 Change Hierarchy
CR33 SAPLCR06 Display Hierarchy
CR40 RCRA0011 Work center usage in deleted object
CR41 SAPLCRAR Archiving work centers
CR60 RCRA0060 Work center information system
CSAB SAPLCSSO Browse Sales Order BOM
CSA1 SAPMC29D Enqueue test for dialog RFC
CSC5 SAPMC29L Single-Level Class Where-Used List
CSD5 SAPMC29L Single-Level Doc. Where-Used List
CSKB SAPLCSSO Start order Browser
CSK1 SAPMC29L Sales order BOM multi-lev. explosio
CSK2 SAPMC29L Multi-level sales order BOM
CSK3 SAPMC29L Sales order BOM - summarized BOM
CSMB SAPLCSSO Start material BOM browser
CSPC RSSPECCA Customer Specifications
CSP1 SAPMC29L Multi-level WBS BOM explosion
CSP2 SAPMC29L WBS BOM multi-level BOM
CSP3 SAPMC29L WBS BOM - summarized BOM
CS01 SAPMC29S Create Material BOM
CS02 SAPMC29S Change Material BOM
CS03 SAPMC29S Display Material BOM
CS05 SAPMC29S Change Material BOM Group
CS06 SAPMC29S Display Material BOM Group
CS07 SAPLCSAL Allocate Material BOM to Plant
CS08 SAPLCSAL Change Material BOM - Plant Alloc.
CS09 SAPLCSAL Display Allocations to Plant
CS11 SAPMC29L Display BOM Level by Level
CS12 SAPMC29L Multilevel BOM
CS13 SAPMC29L Summarized BOM
CS14 SAPMC29V BOM Comparison
CS15 SAPMC29L Single-Level Where-Used List
CS20 SAPMC29M Mass Change: Initial Screen
CS21 SAPMC29M Mass Material Change: Initial Scree
CS22 SAPMC29M Mass Document Change: Initial Scree
CS23 SAPMC29M Mass Class Change: Initial Screen
CS31 SAPMC29S Create class BOM
CS32 SAPMC29S Change class BOM
CS33 SAPMC29S Display class BOM
CS40 SAPLCSAL Create Link to Configurable Materia
CS41 SAPLCSAL Change Material Config. Allocation
CS42 SAPLCSAL Display Material Config. Assignment
CS51 SAPMC29S Create standard BOM
CS52 SAPMC29S Change standard BOM
CS53 SAPMC29S Display standard BOM
CS61 SAPMC29S Create Order BOM
CS62 SAPMC29S Change Order BOM
CS63 SAPMC29S Display Order BOM
CS74 SAPLCSWB Create multi-level WBS BOM
CS75 SAPLCSWB Change multi-level WBS BOM
CS76 SAPLCSWB Display multi-level WBS BOM
CS80 SAPMC29B Change Documents for Material BOM
CS81 SAPMC29B Change Documents for Standard BOM
CS82 SAPMC29B Change documents for sales order BO
CS83 SAPMC29B Change documents for WBS BOM
CS84 SAPMC29B Change documents for class BOM
CS90 SAPMSNUM Material BOM Number Ranges
CS91 SAPMSNUM Number Ranges for Standard BOMs
CS92 SAPMSNUM Number Ranges for Sales Order BOMs
CTNK SAPMSNUM Number Ranges for Characteristics
CTU6 SAPLKWTU Function Tree with Tree Control
CT01 SAPMCTAV Create Characteristic
CT02 SAPMCTAV Change Characteristic
CT03 SAPMCTAV Display Characteristic
CT04 SAPLCTMV Characteristics
CT05 SAPLCTMV Create Characteristic
CT06 SAPLCTMV Display Characteristic
CT10 RCCTMV00 Characteristics List
CT12 SAPLCTWUL Where-Used List for Char.Environmen
CT21 RCCTBI01 Batch Input for Characteristics
CT22 RCCTBISC Maint. Seq. File for Characteristic
CT23 RCCTCN01 Display Chars for Change Number
CT24 RCCTCN02 Display Change Numbers Used
CT25 RCCTVDEP Where-Used List of Chars in Deps
CUAL RBDSESCE Distribution of SCE Knowledge Bases
CUCK RCU_COPY_KMAT Copy Config. Material
CUD2 RBDSECN2 Distr. Conf. Prof. for GM Task List
CUD3 RBDSECN3 Distr. Conf. Prof. for Mod. Specs
CUFD RBDSEVFN Distribute Variant Functions
CUID RBDSEUI Distribution of Interface Designs
CUK2 RBDSENET Distribute Dependency Nets
CUNI SAPMUNIT Units of measure
CUNK SAPMSNUM Number Ranges for Dependencies
CUNR SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: CU_INOB
CUSC SAPMCUSC Customize Country Version
CU01 SAPLCUKD Create Dependency
CU02 SAPLCUKD Change Dependency
CU03 SAPLCUKD Display Dependency
CU04 RCUKDLIS Dependency List
CU05 RCUKDVWG Dependency Where-Used List
CU21 SAPLCUK1 Create Dependency Net
CU22 SAPLCUK1 Change Dependency Net
CU23 SAPLCUK1 Display Dependency Net
CU31 SAPLCUKB Create Knowledge Base Object
CU32 SAPLCUKB Change Knowledge Base Object
CU33 SAPLCUKB Display Knowledge Base Object
CU34 SAPLCURT Create Runtime Version for SCE
CU35 SAPLCURT Change Runtime Version for SCE
CU36 SAPLCURT Display Runtime Version for SCE
CU37 SAPLCURT Create SCE Database Schema
CU41 SAPLCUCO Create Configuration Profile
CU42 SAPLCUCO Change Configuration Profile
CU43 SAPLCUCO Display Configuration Profile
CU44 SAPLCUCP Material Configuration Overview
CU45 SAPLCUCP Standard Network Config. Overview
CU50 SAPLCUKO Material Config. Simul./Modelling
CU52 SAPLCASL Display Order BOM
CU52E SAPLCASL CE: Display Order BOM
CU59 RCCUVTDB Transfer Variant Table Contents
CU60 SAPLCUD2 Table Maintenance
CU60E RCU_UPLOAD_EXCEExcel Upload for Variant Tables
CU61 SAPLCUTU Create Table Structure
CU62 SAPLCUTU Change Table Structure
CU63 SAPLCUTU Display Table Structure
CU64 RCCUTB00 Table Structure List
CU65 SAPLCUFU Create Function
CU66 SAPLCUFU Change Function
CU67 SAPLCUFU Display Function
CU68 RCCUFN00 Function List
CU70 SAPLCLSQ Create Sort Sequence
CU71 SAPLCLSQ Change Sort Sequence
CU72 SAPLCLSQ Display Sort Sequence
CU80 RCCUBD00 Configurable Mat. Characteristics
CVD1 SAPLCVDA Edit Report Shipping Orders
CVII SAPLCVVC Display Initial Order on Classific.
CVIX SAPLCVV5 Activate event type linkage
CVIY SAPLCVV5 Task-specific Customizing
CVI0 MENUCVI0 Document distribution
CVI1 SAPLCVV1 Create recipient list
CVI2 SAPLCVV1 Change recipient list
CVI3 SAPLCVV1 Display recipient list
CVI4 SAPLCVV1 All recipients of a document
CVI6 SAPLCVV1 Display documents of recipient
CVI7 SAPLCVV1 Start distribution with rec. list
CVI8 SAPLCVV1 Start document distribution
CVI9 RCDDSSEL Log for distribution orders
CVWD SAPLCVVW WWW access:Distribtution order pack
CVWG SAPLCVWG DMS: Test for up/download ActiveX
CVW1 SAPLCVIT Internet scenario for doc. search
CVW2 SAPLCVWEB Index search DMS in WWW
CVW3 SAPLCV221 Find documents in the World Wide We
CVW3A SAPLCV221 Find documents in the World Wide We
CVW4 SAPLCV221 Display document lists in WWW
CVW4A SAPLCV221 Display document lists in WWW
CV00 MENUCV00 Document Management
CV01 SAPMCDOK Create Document Info Record
CV01N SAPLCV110 Create Document
CV02 SAPMCDOK Change Document Info Record
CV02N SAPLCV110 Change Document
CV03 SAPMCDOK Display Document Info Record
CV03N SAPLCV110 Display document
CV04 SAPMCDOK List Document Info Records
CV04N SAPLCV100 Find Document
CV11 SAPMC29S Create Document Structure
CV12 SAPMC29S Change Document Structure
CV13 SAPMC29S Display Document Structure
CV15 SAPMC29S Change Document BOM Group
CV16 SAPMC29S Display Document BOM Group
CV22 RCCADI41 Change Frontend Type
CV30 RCCADI20 Display Transfer Log
CV31 RCCADI10 Find CAD Interface Errors Online
CV80 SAPMC29B Change Documents for Doc. Structure
CV90 SAPMSNUM Number ranges for documents
CV91 SAPMSNUM Number Ranges for Doc. Structures
CWBQM SAPLCPRC QM: Engineering Workbench
CWVT MENUCWVT Merchandise Distribution
CXAA FICVIM00 Hierarchy levels
CXAH FICVIM00 Hierarchy Level Relationships
CXAO FICVIM00 CU / Translation Method Assignments
CXAP FICVIM00 Cons Unit/Tax Rate Assignments
CXAQ FICVIM00 Cons: CU: Validation Assignment
CXAR FICCUC00 Mass Changes - Cons Units
CXAS FICCGC00 Mass Changes - Cons Groups
CXA0 FICRVS00 Mass reversal
CXA2 FICVIM00 Item Categories
CXA9 FICVIM00 Reasons for Inclusion
CXBW0 FICBIW00 Initial Data Transfer
CXBW1 FICBIW10 Comparison of Data Slice
CXB1 FICVIM00 Versions
CXB2 FICVIM00 Consolidation frequencies
CXB3 FICVIM00 Global System Settings
CXB4 FICACG00 Generate Authorizations for CGs
CXB5 FICACG10 Central maintenance of master data
CXCA FICVIM00 Financial data types
CXCC FICVIM00 Upload Methods: Reported Fin. Data
CXCD FICMON00 Data Monitor
CXCE FICMON20 Data Monitor for a Cons Unit
CXCF FICMON30 Cons Monitor for a Cons Group
CXCK FICCPY00 Copy Totals Records
CXCL FICCHI00 Cons: Item Substitution/Ret.Earning
CXCR FICDLR00 Delete Totals Records
CXCX RKKBRPTR Report Selection
CXCY SAPMKKB5 Customizing of Report Selection
CXC2 FICVIM00 Data Entry Groups
CXC4 FICVIM00 Data entry profiles
CXC5 FICVIM00 Cons: Selection parameters FICDOW00
CXC6 FICVIM00 Cons: Selection parameters FICDOW10
CXC8 FICVIM00 Assign PC Pathname to CG/CU
CXC9 FICVIM00 Period Categories
CXDL RGUDEL00 Delete trans. data in Cons ledger
CXDL1 SAPMGCU3 Delete trans. data in Cons ledger
CXD1 FICVIM00 Currency translation methods
CXD2 FICVIM00 Exchange Rate Indicators
CXD3 FICVIM00 Cur.Trl.aff.Earnings: FS Items
CXEA FICVIM00 Tasks for Reclassification
CXEB FICVIM00 Methods for Reclassification
CXEC FICRCL00 Reclassification
CXED FICVIM00 Tasks for Prep.for Cons Group Chang
CXEE FICVIM00 Cons: Contra Items / Ret. Earnings
CXEF FICVIM00 Cons: Rollup Standardized Fin. Data
CXEG FICVIM00 IMG: Doc.Types for Man.Posting - DM
CXEH FICVIM00 IMG: Doc.Types for Reclassific. - D
CXEI FICVIM00 IMG: Doc.Types for Prep/CG Chgs - D
CXEJ FICVIM00 IMG: Doc.Types for Man.Posting - CM
CXEK FICVIM00 IMG: Doc.Types for Reclassific. - C
CXEL FICVIM00 IMG: Doc.Types for Prep/CG Chgs - C
CXEM FICVIM00 IMG: Doc.Types for IU Elimination
CXEN FICVIM00 IMG: Doc.Types for Cons of Investmt
CXEO FICVIM00 IMG: Doc. Types for Realtime Update
CXEP FICVIM00 IMG: Document types for EIPI
CXEUA FICEUR00 ECCS EURO: Reconcile Totals Records
CXEUB FICEUR10 ECCS EURO: Additional Financial Dat
CXEUC FICEUR20 ECCS Euro: Integration
CXEU1 FICEUR50 ECCS EURO: Populate Euro Units
CXEU4 FICEUR51 ECCS Euro: Status Management
CXE0 FICVIM00 Task groups
CXE0P FICVIM00 Assignment Archiving Log
CXE1 FICVIM00 Document Types
CXE5 FICVIM00 Post selected items
CXE6 FICVIM00 Tasks for IU Elimination
CXE7 FICVIM00 Methods for Interunit Elimination
CXE8 FICVIM00 Tasks for IU Elimination
CXE9N FICIMG00 Start IMG for SAP Cons (internal)
CXGP SAPMF200 Global parameters
CXG1 FICVIM00 Integrated Entry from Invest./Equit
CXHA FICVIM00 Distribution of Dividends
CXHB FICVIM00 Director's Bonus
CXH1 FICVIM00 Minority Interest Items
CXH2 FICVIM00 Appropriation Items for the Group
CXH3 FICVIM00 Minority Appropriation Items
CXH4 FICVIM00 Statistical Equity Capital
CXIA FICVIM00 Consolidation tasks
CXIB FICVIM00 Cons Tasks: Assign Document Type
CXI0 FICVIM00 Global Settings for C/I
CXI1 FICVIM00 Consolidation of investments tasks
CXI2 FICVIM00 C/I system utilization
CXI3 FICVIM00 C/I Activities: Default Sequence
CXI4 FICVIM00 Consolidation of investments method
CXI5 FICVIM00 Activity/Method Type: Asgn Doc.Type
CXI9 FICVIM00 Selected Items for C/I
CXJ1 FICVIM00 Equity Method: Scope of Rptd Data
CXJ2 FICVIM00 Reported Items for Equity Method
CXJ3 FICVIM00 Posted Items in Equity Consolidatio
CXJ4 FICVIM00 Reported items for investments
CXJ5 FICVIM00 Reported Items for Changes in Equit
CXLP1 FICLPROT Display Archived Audit Trail
CXLP2 FICLPDEL Delete Archived Logs
CXL1 SAPMGCU0 Create Ledger
CXL2 SAPMGCU0 Change Ledger
CXL3 SAPMGCU0 Display Ledger
CXL4 SAPMGCU0 Delete Ledger
CXM1 FICCOI10 Edit Method Hierarchies
CXM2 FICCOI10 Display method hierarchies
CXNA FICPCD00 Download PCA Hierarchies
CXNB FICBAD00 Download Business Areas/Companies
CXNC FICPCAA1 EC-PCA Trx.Data: Cost Elem./Activit
CXND FICPCAA2 EC-PCA Trx.Data: Partner Info
CXNE FICPCACE List CO Cost Elements by Category
CXNF FICVIM00 Assign G/L chart and Cons chart
CXNG FICICA20 Integrated Cons Units
CXNH FICVIM00 Display Integrated Cons Units
CXNI FICVIM00 Display Items from Integration
CXNJ FICVIM00 Display Subitems from Integration
CXNL FICPCAD1 Cons: Download PrCtr Master/Hier.
CXNM RGUREC10 Follow-up pstng FI-Doc. (Tot. table
CXNN FICMBU00 Write Periodic Extract
CXNO FICICA60 Delete Realtime-Updated Documents
CXNP FICCOA00 Copy Group Accounts to FS Items
CXNQ FICICA30 Display Transferred Documents
CXNR FICICA50 Reconc. totals record General/ConsS
CXNT FICICA70 Subsequent Integration of Org Units
CXNU FICFMV00 Maintain Field Movement/Real.Update
CXNV RGCPOS02 Maintain Group Acct in G/L Account
CXNW RGUREC10 Subseq.Posting of FI Docs->ConsPrep
CXNX FICICA80 Reconcile FI/Cons at Document Level
CXNY FICRUL00 Set/Display Lock Mode for Rollup
CXNZ FICREC00 Reconciliation Totals Consolidation
CXN0 FICVIM00 Map Secondary Cost Elements
CXN001 FICDELRUDOC00 Delete Docs from Realtime Updates
CXN01 FICVIM00 Maintain Transaction Types of Cons
CXN013 FICVIM00 Integr. Cons Units - PrCtr Cons
CXN023 FICVIM00 Integr. Cons Groups - PrCtr Cons
CXN1 FICICA00 Map Charts/Accts to Cons Charts/Acc
CXN2 FICICA10 Compare G/L Charts and Cons Charts
CXN3 FICVIM00 Rules for ID Combination
CXN4 FICVIM00 Convert Collection of CU Master Dat
CXN5 FICVIM00 Assign Company Codes/Business Areas
CXN6 FICVIM00 Cons Type and Dimension Assignments
CXN7 FICIRD00 Download Rollup-related Data
CXN8 FICIRU00 Upload Rollup-related Data
CXP1 FICVIM00 Assign Task groups
CXP2 FICVIM00 Tasks for Carryforward
CXP3 FICVIM00 Tasks for Data Collection
CXP4 FICVIM00 Tasks for Validation of Rptd Data
CXP5 FICVIM00 Tasks for Manual Posting
CXP6 FICVIM00 Tasks for Currency Translation
CXP7 FICVIM00 Tasks for Valid.of Standardized Dat
CXP8 FICVIM00 Tasks for Rollups
CXP9 FICVIM00 Tasks for Valid.of consolidated dat
CXRA RKDBATV3 Maintain Variant Groups
CXRB RKDBAT02 Maintain Variants
CXRC RKDBATV4 Schedule Variant Groups
CXRD RKDBATV5 Create Variant Groups
CXRE RKDREOVG Reorganization of Variant Groups
CXRF RKE_CALL_VC_TKECharacteristic Group Maintenance
CXRH SAPMKXHI Hierarchy Maintenance
CXRI RKDREOBE Overview of Reports
CXRK RMCTCXRK Maintain Key Figures
CXRM SAPMKCB9 Test monitor - drilldown reports
CXRO RKCOBTR2 Transport reports
CXRP RKCOBTR4 Transport forms
CXRQ RCNRCJES Import Reports from Client
CXRR RCNRCJEW Import Layouts from Client
CXRT RKCTRTX1 Translation Tool - Drilldown Report
CXRU SAPMKCC0 Cross-table translation keys
CXRV RKES0101 Maintain global variables
CXRW SAPMKCB9 Convert Drilldown Reports
CXRX RKDREOBE Reorganize Drilldown Reports
CXRY RKDREODA Reorganize report data
CXRZ RKDREOFO Reorganize Forms
CXR0 SAPMKCEE Run drilldown report
CXR1 SAPMKCEE Create drilldown report
CXR2 SAPMKCEE Change drilldown report
CXR3 SAPMKCEE Display drilldown report
CXR4 SAPMKES1 Form for creating reports
CXR5 SAPMKES1 Form for changing reports
CXR6 SAPMKES1 Form for displaying reports
CXSA SAPMF21S Display Set Maintenance
CXSB SAPMF21S Change Set Maintenance
CXSC SAPMF21S Create Set Maintenance
CXSD SAPMF21S Delete Set Maintenance
CXS1 FICBCF00 Carry Forward Balances
CXS3 FICVIM00 Carryforward Items
CXS4 FICVIM00 Non-carryforward Items
CXVM SAPMF200 Call View Maintenance
CXV1 FICVAL00 Validation
CXV2 FICVAL10 Create Validation
CXV3 FICVAL10 Change Validation
CXV4 FICVAL10 Display Validation
CXV5 FICVIM00 Maintain equivalency relationship
CX0AC SAPMFCG1 Attrib for CU: Maint. Char. Values
CX0AD SAPMFCG1 Attrib for CU: Displ. Char. Values
CX0AE SAPMFCG1 Subassign.: Maintain Char Values
CX0AF SAPMFCG1 Subassign.: Display Char Values
CX0A1 RKCMKCGD Edit Characteristics
CX0A2 SAPMKCGF Edit Field Groups
CX0A3 FICCOMD0 Generate Master Data Maint. Modules
CX0A4 FICREOMV Reorg.View Maintenance (master data
CX0A5 SAPMFCG1 Maintain Characteristic Values
CX0A6 SAPMFCG1 Display Characteristic Values
CX0A7 SAPMSVMA Maintain Characteristic Values
CX0A8 SAPMSVMA Display Characteristic Values
CX0C00 FICRIC00 Check Ref. Integrity Customizing
CX0C10 FICTCL00 Display Chg.Log - MasterData/Custom
CX0TA FICTDI00 Import Transaction Data
CX0TC FICTPC00 Transport of ECCS Customizing
CX0T9 FICTDE00 Export Transaction Data
CX0UD FICCPD00 Copy Customizing Between Dimensions
CX0UM FICMIG00 EC-CS: Migration from FI-LC
CX0UN FICNRIV0 Copy Document Number Ranges
CX00 MENUCX00 SAP Cons.: Application Menu
CX00N FICMEN00 SAP Cons.: Application Menu
CX01 MENUCX01 SAP Cons: General Configuration Men
CX01N FICMEN00 SAP Cons.: Configuration Menu
CX1A SAPMF210 Create Breakdown Categories
CX1B SAPMF210 Change Breakdown Categories
CX1B0 FICLMD50 List Master Data: Cons Units
CX1B1 FICVIM00 Upload Methods - Cons Units
CX1B4 FICDCC00 Consistency Check Transaction Data
CX1C SAPMF210 Display Breakdown Categories
CX1C0 FICLMD40 List Master Data: Cons Groups
CX1C1 FICVIM00 Upload Methods for Cons Groups
CX1C3 FICUP189 Copy Cons Group Hierarchies
CX1D SAPMF210 Create subitem categories
CX1E SAPMF210 Change subitem categories
CX1F SAPMF210 Display subitem categories
CX1G SAPMF210 Create subitems
CX1H SAPMF210 Change subitems
CX1H0 FICHRY90 Where-used List for CG/CU
CX1H1 FICITH90 FS Items Where-Used List
CX1I SAPMF210 Display subitems
CX1I0 FICVIM00 Upload Methods for FS Items
CX1I1 FICLMD70 List Master Data: FS Items
CX1I3 FICITC00 Mass Change: FS Items
CX1I4 FICVIM00 Breakdown Categories
CX1I5 FICCPI00 Copy Item Sets
CX1J SAPMF21A Create dimensions
CX1K SAPMF21A Change Dimensions
CX1L SAPMF21A Display dimensions
CX1M SAPMF21B Create consolidation units
CX1N SAPMF21B Change Consolidation Units
CX1O SAPMF21B Display Consolidation Units
CX1P SAPMF21B Create consolidation group
CX1Q SAPMF21B Change consolidation group
CX1R SAPMF21B Display consolidation group
CX1S SAPMF21C Create Hierarchy
CX1S0 FICVIM00 Upload Methods for Subitems
CX1S1 FICLMDA0 List Master Data: Subitems
CX1S3 SAPMF2103 Display subitem category/subitem
CX1S4 SAPMF2103 Change subitem category/subitem
CX1T SAPMF21C Change Hierarchy
CX1U SAPMF21C Display hierarchy
CX1X SAPMF21B Edit Cons Group Hierarchies
CX1XN SAPMF21B Edit Cons Group Hierarchies
CX1Y SAPMF21B Display CG Hierarchy
CX1YN SAPMF21B Display CG Hierarchy
CX10 SAPMF210 Create cons charts of accounts
CX11 SAPMF210 Change cons charts of accounts
CX12 SAPMF210 Display cons charts of accounts
CX13 SAPMF210 Create FS items
CX14 SAPMF210 Change FS items
CX15 SAPMF210 Display FS items
CX16 SAPMF2102 Edit Item Hierarchy
CX17 SAPMF2102 Display Item Hierarchy
CX19 FICVIM00 CU / Financial Data Type Assignment
CX2V1 FICVER90 Customize Version
CX20 FICMON10 Consolidation Monitor
CX21 SAPMF230 Enter Additional Financial Data
CX22 SAPMF230 Display Additional financial data
CX23 FICVIM00 Default Values for Activity Entry
CX24 FICPDV00 Preparation for Divestiture
CX26 FICPRO00 Apportionment
CX27 FICDSM00 List of Last Change of Task Status
CX3A RKCTRTX1 Translate Data Entry Layout
CX3B FICVIM00 CG: Assign Valid. and CU recordable
CX3D RKCOBTR7 Cons: Import Data Entry Layout
CX3D1 FICDOW20 Download Reported Financial Data
CX3E RKCOBTR6 Cons: Transport Data Entry Layout
CX3FA FICVIM00 Upload Methods-Fair Value Adjs(Cust
CX3FC FICVIM00 Upload Meths: Fair Value Adjs(Value
CX3FD FICUP645 Upload Fair Value Adjustments(Value
CX3FE FICVIM00 Upload Methods; Product Groups
CX3FG FICVIM00 Upload Methods for Breakdown Cats
CX3FI FICVIM00 Upload Methods for Goodwill
CX3FY FICUPL90 Flexible Upload (generic)
CX3FZ FICUPL91 Flexible Upload (generic)
CX3F0 FICVIM00 Upload Methods - Chgs in Investment
CX3F1 FICVIM00 Upload Methods - Changes in Equity
CX3F2 FICVIM00 Upload Methods - Equity Holdings Ad
CX3F3 FICUP620 Upload Changes in Investments
CX3F4 FICUP630 Upload Changes in Investee Equity
CX3F5 FICUP660 Upload Equity Holdings Adjustments
CX3F6 FICVIM00 Method for uploading inventory data
CX3F7 FICVIM00 Method for uploading supplier data
CX3F8 FICUP585 Upload Inventory Data
CX3F9 FICUP586 Upload Supplier Data
CX3L1 FICLST30 DB List of Totals Recs/Jrnl Entries
CX3O0 RKCDPREO Online Entry: Reorg File Descript.
CX3O1 FICVIM00 Scaling Factor for Online Entry
CX30 SAPMF23A General download
CX31 SAPMF23B Specific download
CX32 FICPCU00 Upload Financial Data; Offline Entr
CX34 FICLST00 Database list of totals
CX35 FICINP00 Centralized entry of reported data
CX36 FICINP00 Display reported financial data
CX37 SAPMKES1 Create data entry layout
CX38 SAPMKES1 Change data entry layout
CX39 SAPMKES1 Display data entry layout
CX40 FICUMR00 Currency translation
CX5A FICNRO00 Cons: Number Ranges - FS Items
CX5B FICNRO00 Cons: Number Ranges - Cons Units
CX5C FICNRO00 Cons: Number Ranges - Activity No's
CX5D FICNRO00 Cons: Number Range - Documents
CX5E SAPMF261 Delete Held Documents
CX5F SAPMF261 Display Held Documents
CX5G SAPMF260 Display Held Document
CX5H FICNRO00 Cons: Number Range Maintenance Log
CX5I1 FICIUE90 Customizing of Interunit Eliminatio
CX5J1 FICCMP00 Reconcile Totals with Jrnl Entries
CX5J2 FICCMP00 Reconcile/Update Totals-Jrnl Entrie
CX5P1 FICIPI50 Inventory Data
CX5P2 FICIPI60 Supplier Data
CX5R1 FICRCL90 Customizing of Reclassifications
CX5TA FICVIM00 Cons Groups to be Copied
CX5TB FICVIM00 Tasks without Settings
CX5TC FICVIM00 Cons Units to be Copied
CX5TD FICVIM00 Edit Consolidation Cycles
CX5TE FICVIM00 Assign Cons Cycles to Versions
CX5T0 FICVIM00 Custom Tasks
CX5T1 FICVIM00 IMG: Tasks for Manual Posting; DM
CX5T2 FICVIM00 IMG: Tasks for Manual Posting; CM
CX5T3 FICVIM00 IMG: Tasks for Reclassifications; D
CX5T4 FICVIM00 IMG: Tasks for Reclassifications; C
CX5T5 FICVIM00 IMG: Tasks for Prep/CG Change; DM
CX5T6 FICVIM00 IMG: Tasks for Prep/CG Change; CM
CX5T7 FICVIM00 IMG: Tasks for Elim. of P/L in Inv.
CX5T8 FICVIM00 Tasks for apportionment
CX5T9 FICVIM00 Copy Tasks
CX5UA FICVIM00 IPI: Item for distribution costs
CX5UB FICVIM00 Elim.IU P/L Inv: Subassign; Inv.Ite
CX5UC FICVIM00 Global Settings for Elim.of IPI
CX5UD FICIPI90 Customizing Listing: IU P/L in Inv.
CX5U0 FICIPI00 Elim. of IU Profit/Loss in Inventor
CX5U1 FICVIM00 Product Groups & Inventory Items
CX5U2 FICVIM00 IPI: Product Group Posting Items
CX5U3 FICVIM00 IPI: Inventory Item-Dep. Posting It
CX5U4 FICVIM00 IPI: Offsetting items
CX5U5 FICVIM00 IPI: Items for translation diff.
CX5U6 FICVIM00 IPI: Item for reclass.of distr.cost
CX50 SAPMF260 Enter posting document
CX51 SAPMF260 Change posting document
CX52 SAPMF260 Display posting document
CX53 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance
CX54 FICICE00 Intercompany elimination
CX55 FICVIM00 Validate documents
CX56 FICLST10 Database list of journal entries
CX57 FICC2I00 Consolidation of investments
CX58 FICJER00 Journal Entry Report
CX59 FICVIM00 Journal Entry Layouts
CX6C1 FICCOI90 Customizing of Cons. of Investments
CX6C2 FICCSH00 Subitems for Equity Aging Report
CX6C3 FICCOIB0 Check Customizing of Cons of Invest
CX6F0 FICGWA10 Goodwill Amortization/Writeup
CX6F1 FICCOI40 Match Activity Numbers f. Inv./Eqty
CX6F2 FICVIM00 Fair Value Adjustments
CX6F3 FICVIM00 Reporting Fair Value Adjustment Dat
CX6F4 FICHIR00 Rptd Data; FVA: Reporting
CX6F5 FICHRA00 Changes to Eliminated Fair Value Ad
CX6F6 FICLMDV0 Fair Value Adjustments
CX60 SAPMF231 Enter changes in investments
CX61 SAPMF231 Display changes in investments
CX62 SAPMF231 Enter Changes in Investee Equity
CX63 SAPMF231 Display Changes in Equity
CX64 FICGSH00 Group shares
CX65 FICINV00 Changes in investments
CX66 FICEQU00 Changes in investee equity
CX67 FICGWA00 Amortization of goodwill
CX68 FICASS00 Equity Holdings Adjustments
CX7B0 FICVIM00 Customizing realtime update
CX7B1 FICBIW00 Data transfer initialization
CX7B2 FICBIW10 Comparison data slice BCS and BW
CX7B3 FICBIW20 Read from InfoCube
CX7F0 FICLCU00 List of Ownership
CX70 SAPMF271 Rollup
CX71 FICSGN00 Generation of cons group sets
CX72 SAPMSNUM Number ranges for set generation
CX73 FICRUP00 Rollup batch processing
CY00 MENUCY00 Engineering Menu
CY38 SAPLCYPP05 Resource planning format
CY39 SAPLCYPP05 Sort layout key maintenance
CZ48_1 SAPMKES1 PS-CM: Create Planning Layout
CZ48_2 SAPMKES1 PS-CM: Change Planning Layout
CZ48_3 SAPMKES1 PS-CM: Display Planning Layout
CZ48_4 KPCM_LAYOUT_TRATransport Planning Layouts
CZ48_5 KPCM_LAYOUT_IMPImport Planning Layouts
C000 MENUC000 Overhead Cost Controlling
C2N2 SAPMSNUM Number ranges master recipe
C201 SAPLCPDI Create Master Recipe
C202 SAPLCPDI Change Master Recipe
C203 SAPLCPDI Display Master Recipe
C210 RCPPPI02 Delete Costing Ind. for Operations
C211 RCPPPI03 Delete "Flexible Duration" Ind. Ope
C223 R_TRANSACT_PRODMaintain Production Versions
C223_D SAPLCMFV Display Production Version
C251 RCPDRK01 Print Master Recipes
C252 RCPDRK02 Print Production Versions
C260 RMPLAN00 Recipe Development on Time Basis
C261 RCPCD001 Change Document Display Master Rec.
C298 RPIREDE2 Delete Master Recipes
DBCO RSDBCONN Database Connection Maintenance
DB01 RSDB0001 Analyze exclusive lockwaits
DB02 RSDB0002 Tables and Indexes Monitor
DB03 RSDB0003 Parameter changes in database
DB05 RSDB0005 Analysis of a table acc. to index
DB11 RSSDBCON Create Database Connection
DB12 RSDBA850 DBA Backup Logs
DB13 RSDBAADM DBA Planning Calendar
DB13C RSDBAADM Central DBA Planning Calendar
DB14 RSDBASHX Display DBA Operation Logs
DB15 SAPLARCC Data Archiving: Database Tables
DB16 RSDBACHECK1 Display DB Check Results
DB17 RSDBACHECK2 Configure DB Check
DB2 RSDB0004 Select Database Activities
DB2B RSDB2BPT DB2/390: Buffer pool tuning
DB2C RSDB2C00 DB2 Catalog Browser
DB2D RSDB2DLK DB2 for OS/390 - Deadlock Monitor
DB2J SAPJCL00 Manage JCL Jobs for OS/390
DB2T RSDB2TIO DB2/390 Timeout Monitor
DB2U RSDB2LUR Long Running Units of Recovery
DB2W RSDB2WLM Workload Manager Monitor
DB2X RSDB2CHK DB2/390: database check
DB20 SAPMSTRD Update DB Statistics
DB21 RSDBACBO Configure DB Statistics
DB24 XDB24NEW Administrative Database Operations
DB26 RSDBPROFILE DB Profile:Monitor and Configuratio
DB33 RSINFCK2 DB System check (configure; IFMX)
DB34 RSINF_DBSPACE_EDbspace extension (IFMX)
DB36 SAPLSDB6AL DB6: Alert Configuration
DB37 SAPLSDB6AL DB6: Alert Message Log
DB50N RSSDBDBC Database Assistant
DB59 RSSDBLST SAP DB/liveCache Systems
DB6CLP SAPLSDB6CCMS DB6: Command Line Processor
DB6CST SAPLSDB6CCMS DB6: Analyze Cumulative SQL Trace
DB6DBM SAPLSDB6CCMS DB6: Database Manager Configuration
DB6DBP SAPLSDB6CCMS DB6: Database Configuration
DB6DBS SAPLSDB6CCMS DB6: Analyze Database Snapshot
DB6DLK SAPLSDB6CCMS DB6: Analyze Deadlocks
DB6EXL SAPLSDB6CCMS DB6: Analyze Exclusive Lock Waits
DB6FSC SAPLSDB6CCMS DB6: File System Configuration
DB6TAC SAPLSDB6CCMS DB6: Analyze Table Snapshot
DGA1 SAPTDGA1 DG: Activation DG Checks
DGCI SAPDGTXT DG: Date Determination
DGD3 SAPLDG62 Checkbox Struc. for T/O-T Materials
DGE4 DGPDATP1 First database via DGP1
DGE5 DGPDATCO DG Filling from Spec. Management
DGE6 DGPDATCO DG Simul. of Filling from Spec. Mgm
DGP0 MENUDGP0 Basic Data: Environment
DGP1 SAPLDG01 Create Dangerous Goods Master
DGP10 DGGENAWM Generate Phrase Sets
DGP2 SAPLDG01 Change Dangerous Goods Master
DGP3 SAPLDG01 Display Dangerous Goods Master
DGP5 DGPPUSHREP Report for sending dangerous goods
DGP5S DGPPUSHREP Report to Simulate Sending
DGP7 DGPSHPR Display import logs
DGP8 DGPDEPR Delete import logs
DGP9 DGPPHRACT Activate phrase library
DGR1 DGPSHDG Displaying DG master data
DGR2 DGPCHDO Dangerous goods: Change document
DGR3 DGPSHPK Displaying DG packaging data
DGSD RC1SDAPL Display Report Logs
DGTD SAPLDG81 DG: Maintain mat-dependent texts
DGTU SAPLDG81 DG: Maintain mat-independent texts
DGUC DGPCNCMD DG: Test refer. integrity regulatio
DGUD DGPCNCMD DG: Test ref. integrity of C tables
DGUM DGPCNMMD DG: Convert field LWDG to MasterDat
DGU0 DGPCN000 DG: Conversion of Customizing Table
DGU1 DGPCN063 DG: Conversion of DG Reg. tables
DGU2 DGCONVERT DG: Conversion Texts/Descriptions
DGU3 DGPCN_PROPSHIPNDG: Converting the DG Descriptions
DL10 SAPMV689 Download
DL11 SAPMV689 Create download profile
DL12 SAPMV689 Change condition download profile
DL13 SAPMV689 Display condition download profile
DMC DMCGUI0 Start DMC Interface
DMCAPP DMCGUI2 Maintain Applications in DMC Tool
DMCISB DMCGUI3 Maintain Direct Input 2
DMCWB DMC_WORKBENCH Workbench for DMC Development
DMEE SAPMDMEE DMEE: Format Tree Maintenance Tool
DMWB DMWB_START Document Modeling Workbench
DNOTIF SAPLDNO_UI Basic Notification
DPRL SAPMM03M Change Material When Profile Delete
DPRV SAPMM03M Change Material When Profile Change
DP101 DPBPRESETFKSAF Reset Billing Plan Date
DP60 RDPBEMOT10 Change Accounting Indicator in LI
DP70 RDPFLOW00 Conversion of Individual Orders
DP80 SAPLVPK_GUI_INTSM: Resource-Related Quotation
DP82 SAPLVPK_GUI_INTPS: Sales Pricing Project
DP90 SAPLVPK_GUI_INTCS: Resource-Related Billing Doc.
DP91 SAPLVPK_GUI_INTSD: Resource-Related Billing Doc.
DP93 RDPICB Res.-Rel. Billing Btwn Comp. Codes
DP95 RVPKMASS Resource-Rel. Billing; Coll.Process
DP96 RVPKMASS96 Res-Rel.Billing Collect.Proc - Sale
DP97 RVPKMASS97 Res-Rel. Billing Collect. Proc.-Srv
DP98 RDPDMRFLOW Resource for Billing Request
DP99A RDPFLOWREPA Doc.Flow Reporting - Res.-Rel. Bill
DP99B RDPFLOWREPB Doc.Flow for Res.-Rel. Bill. - SD
DP99C RDPFLOWREPC Doc.Flow for Res.-Rel. Bill.-Servic
DRC1 SAPMV12A Create Cond. Table: Deriv. Recipien
DRC2 SAPMV12A Create Cond. Table: Deriv. Recipien
DRC3 SAPMV12A Create Cond. Table: Deriv. Recipien
DRPA SAPMMDRP Definition of DRP Planning Run
DRPB RDRPDEPB Deployment: Background Processing
DRPM RDRPDEPM Deployment for Material
DRPO RDRPDEPO Deployment for Material
DRPS SAPMMDRP Calculate Safety Stock
DRPW RDRPDEPW Deployment for Plant
DRP0 RDRPNET1 Network Graphic
DRP4 RDRPNET1 Network Graphic/Quotas View
DSA RDSVAS_SESSADMIService Session Workbench
DSAL DS_LOG_DISPLAY Digital Signature Logs
DSC1 SAPMV12A Create CondTables: Derivation Sende
DSC2 SAPMV12A Create CondTables: Derivation Sende
DSC3 SAPMV12A Create CondTables: Derivation Sende
DTR0 SAPLREDT Enter Downtimes
DVCO SAPMV13R Condition Records Via Bill of Mat.
DVDC RVBDRVDC Delete Extended Batch Where-Used Ls
DVDL RVBDRVDL Delete Derivation Log
DVMAN RVBBTREE Perform Manual Derivation
DVR1 SAPMV13R Create Derivation Recipient Record
DVR2 SAPMV13R Change Derivation Recipient Record
DVR3 SAPMV13R Display Derivation Recipient Record
DVSA RVBDRVSA Shipping Approval
DVSP SAPMOMBE Set Up Derivation
DVS1 SAPMV13R Create Derivation Sender Record
DVS2 SAPMV13R Change Derivation Sender Record
DVS3 SAPMV13R Display Derivation Sender Record
DWDM SAPMSDM1 Development Workbench Demos
DZ00 MENUDZ00 Introduction to
ECOP RSECOP01 Main Program for Entity Copier
EC01 RSECOP01 Org.Object Copier: Company Code
EC02 RSECOP01 Org.Object Copier: Plant
EC03 RSECOP01 Org.Object Copier: Controlling Area
EC04 RSECOP01 Org.Object Copier: Sales Organizatn
EC05 RSECOP01 Org.Object Copier: Distribution Chn
EC06 RSECOP01 Org.Object Copier: Division
EC07 RSECOP01 Org.Object Copier: Shipping Point
EC08 RSECOP01 Org.Object Copier: Shipping Point
EC09 RSECOP01 Org.Object Copier: Warehouse Number
EC10 RSECOP01 Org.Object Copier: Personnel Area
EC11 RSECOP01 Org.Object Copier: Personnel Subare
EC12 RSECOP01 Org.Object Copier: Employee Subgrou
EC13 RSECOP01 Org.Object Copier: Purchasing Org.
EC14 RSECOP01 Org.Object Copier: Storage Location
EC15 RSECOP01 Org.Object Copier: Material Type
EC16 RSECOP01 Org.Object Copier: Controlling Area
EDIT SAJTED13 Juergen's Editor
EEAK RPLEEAK0 Employment equity - Canada
EEWB OXT_NAVIGATOR Easy Enhancement Workbench
EFCC EFG_FORM_MASS Application Form Mass Processing
EFCM EFG_FORMCLASS_MPrint Workbench Form Class Processg
EFCS SAPLEFGC Print Workbench: Form Class
EFGM EFG_FORM_MASS Print Workbench Mass Processing
EFGN EFG_FORM_ACTIVAPrint Workbench: Mass Activation
EFRM SAPLEFGF Print Workbench: Application Form
EFTP EFG_FORM_MASS Application Form Mass Processing
EFTR EFG_CREATE_TRANPrint Workbench: Generate Trans.Lis
EFTRSL SAPLEFTR Print Wbench Trans. for Translation
EFTT EFG_MAINTAIN_WOPrint Workbench: Transl. Worklist
EFUD SAPLEFGF Print Workbench: Application Form
EMAIL SAPMSX02 SAPconnect Easy EMail
EMU1 RFVDEMU1 Convert Loans to EURO
EMU2 RFVDEMU2 Reset Conversion to EURO
ENCO SAPMV99E Printing / Communication
ENFO SAPMV99E Foreign Trade/Customs: Init. Screen
ENGK SAPMV52E Legal control
ENGR SAPLV50G Periodic Declarations
ENLO SAPMV86E Documentary Payments
ENPA SAPLV50G FT: Enjoy: Period-end Closings
ENPR SAPMV95E Preference Handling
ENSL SAPLVFSM Cockpit: Sanctioned Party List
ENSV SAPMV96E Foreign Trade Data Maintenance
ENZD SAPMV98E Customs Objects: Documentation/Info
EN99 SAPMV99E General Foreign Trade Processing
EPAR SAPRISU_PRINTACList Print Action Records
EPA1 SAPLEEPA Create Print Action Record
EPA2 SAPLEEPA Change Print Action Record
EPA3 SAPLEEPA Display Print Action Record
EWA0 EWUCOOLI EMU Conv: RE Load CO Objects
EWA1 RAT08401 FI-AA: Analysis of assets w/errors
EWA2 RAEWAS0B FI-AA: Asset before&after compariso
EWA3 RAEWUC0P Reconcil. of critical FI-AA documts
EWA7 EWURA001 AA Totals Record Reconciliation
EWA8 EWURA001 AA Balances Reconciliation
EWA9 EWURA001 AA Asset Status Reconciliation
EWCF EWUCONFM Confirm Euro Currency Customizing
EWCK EWURA001 Currency Check BKPF; KONV
EWCM SAPMEWCM Maintain Currency Tables for Euro
EWCT SAP1EWCT Currency Test Converter
EWC0 RKAABR01 RKAABR01: Order Settlement Analysis
EWC1 EWURA001 CO-PA Reports Translation
EWC2 RKACOFI2 CO Reconciliation Ledger
EWC4 EWURA001 Reconciliation of Parked Docs FM
EWFC SAPLEWFC IS-U Front Office Configuration
EWFC0 SAPLEWFC Action Box Configuration
EWFC1 SAPLEWFC Action Config. for HTML Operation
EWFG RGEURBAL Add Up Totals Records
EWFS EWURA001 Check for Balances in Local Currenc
EWF1 RFEWSBAL Display FI/AA Adjustment Difference
EWF2 RFEWSSOP Display Open Item Total at Key Date
EWF3 RFEWSDOC Display Critical Documents
EWF4 RFEWSSCA Display Clearing Proced.Adjustment
EWF7 EWURA001 Delete Table EWUFI_SOP
EWF8 EWURA001 Compare Index w.Transaction Figures
EWF9 EWURA001 Compare Index w.Transaction Figures
EWG5 EWURA001 Consolidation Staging Ledger
EWK0 EWUCU02A Customer Development: Find Fields
EWK1 EWUCU02B Cust.Development: Report Tx
EWK2 EWUCU02C Cust.Development: Curr.on Screen
EWK3 EWUCU001 Customer Development: Assign Rule
EWK4 EWUCU003 Customer Development: Save Selectio
EWM1 EWURA001 MM Fill Fields in EBAN
EWM3 EWUMMRTL_40 Match MM Sales Values
EWM4 EWURA001 MM Purchase Order History Adjustmen
EWM6 EWUMMPOB Reconcile GR/IR Clearing Account
EWR1 EWUTFV02 TR-IS Check Securities Customizing
EWSH SAPMEWWU EMU Procedure Monitor
EWS2 EWUARCH2 Evaluate Archived Data
EWS3 EWUARCHI List of Critical Archives
EWT0 EWUPLANJ Change Plan Year for Chngover Pckge
EWT1 EWUSETRS Set Ability to be Restarted
EWT2 EWUAKTIV Activate a Changeover Package
EWT3 EWUPROST Start Forecast
EWUD SAPREWU6 EMU mass conversion in cust. master
EWUL SAPREWU5 Currency conversion vendors
EWUO SDEWUORD Transaction data for EMU conversion
EWUS SAPMSIZE Maintain Largest Tables
EWUT RFTBEUR00 EMU: TA currency changeover FX/MM/D
EWWA SAPMEWKE Currency Select.f.Changeover Packag
EWWB SAPLEWKE Determining Ratios & Exchange Rates
EWZA EWUSETPH Confirm System Settings
EWZ6 EWULKUSR Unlock System
EW00 MENUEW00 Conversions for the Euro
EW10 EWURA001 EMU: Load Organization Objects
EW11 EWURA001 EMU: Load CO-PA Objects
EW13 EWURA001 EMU: Load Conversion Info for LIS
EW14 EWURA001 EMU: Load Conversion Info for EIS
EW16 EWURA001 Records No. of Largest Tables
EW17 EWURA001 Determine Required Database Memory
EW18 EWURA001 EMU: Load Depreciation Areas
EW28 EWURA001 EMU: Load CO Objects
EW29 EWURA001 EMU: Load Tables for FI-SL
EW3Z SAPMEW4Z Currency Select.f.Changeover Packag
EW30 EWURA001 FI Previous Open Item Reconciliatio
EW35 EWURA001 FI Previous Clearing Procedures
EW36 EWURA001 FI Documents/Trans.Figures Analysis
EW38 RM07MBST EMU Conversion: MM Stock Value List
EW39 EWURA001 FI Open Item Selection
EW4Z SAPMEW4Z Currency Select.f.Changeover Packag
EW45 EWURA001 FI D/C G/L Accts Analysis bef.Conv.
EW46 EWURA001 MM Edit Contract Release Order Docu
EW47 EWUMACOP Create Standard Package
EW48 EWUMEKAA MM Display Archived Purchasing Docs
EW49 EWURA001 MM MM --> FI Balance Comparison
EW50 EWURA001 MM Post Adjustment Documents
EW51 EWURA001 FI S/L-G/L Reconciliation Analysis
EW53 EWURA001 FI Check Customizing
EW55 EWURA001 FI Adjust D/C G/L Accounts
EW57 EWUSTRNA EMU Conv: Start Postprocess.Program
EW58 EWUSTRUM EMU Conv.: Conversion Programs Star
EW59 EWUSTRVO EMU Conv.: Start Preprocess.Program
EW61 EWURA001 EMU Conv.: CO Credit w.Settl.Tables
EW62 EWURA001 EMU Conv.: CO Settlmnt Tables Recon
EW63 EWURA001 EMU Conv.: CO Commt Totals Structur
EW64 EWURA001 EMU Conv.: CO Dwn Pmnt Totals Struc
EW65 EWURA001 EMU: CO-AA Comparison for Investmnt
EW67 EWURA001 EMU: AA Summary Records Selection
EW68 EWURA001 EMU: AA Balance Adjustment
EW69 EWURA001 AA Transaction Figure Reconciliatio
EW72 EWURA001 FI Subsequent Open Item Selection
EW73 EWURA001 Investment Programs Adjustment
EW74 EWURA001 FI Subseq.Open Item Reconciliation
EW75 EWURA001 FI Subsequent SL/GL Reconciliation
EW76 EWURA001 FI Docs/Trans.Figures Reconciliatio
EW77 EWURA001 FI Docs/Transaction Figures Adjustm
EW80 EWURA001 MM Totals Comparison MBEW
EW82 EWURA001 MM Stock Value List
EW84 EWURA001 List MM Differences
EW93 EWURA001 EMU: Load Conversion Info for FI-SL

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